Board of Trustees

Headshot of Vania Montero Wit '86

Vania Montero Wit '86
Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, United Airlines

Headshot of Betty Kosky Harn '82

Betty Kosky Harn '82
Senior Vice President, Marquette Bank

Headshot of Tim Doody

Tim Doody
Attorney, Weis DuBrock Doody and Maher

Dana Simaitis Armagno '85
Operating Shareholder, Vedder Price

Headshot of Shay Brokemond

Shay Brokemond
Senior Finance Executive, 11.2 Ventures

Headshot of Carey Temple Harrington '86

Carey Temple Harrington '86
President, Mother McAuley

Headshot of Beth Hart

Beth Hart
Former School Administrator, Professor and Teacher

Headshot of Patrick Hurless

Patrick Hurless
Investment Professional

Headshot of Dr. Emelie Ilarde '87

Dr. Emelie Ilarde '87
Family Physician, Lawn Medical Center

Headshot of Sister Kathleen McClelland, RSM

Sister Kathleen McClelland, RSM
Former Vocation Minister for the Sisters of Mercy

Headshot of Laurel Azzarello McGrath '72

Laurel Azzarello McGrath '72
Retired IT Strategist

Headshot of Megan McKenna '99

Megan McKenna '99
Head of Creative, Grant Thornton

Headshot of Robert Millerick

Robert Millerick
CRSB Examiner, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Kate O'Neill '96
Chief Financial and People Officer, SilkRoad Technologies, Inc

Headshot of Jil Simpson Ross '82

Jil Simpson Ross '82
Screenwriter & Producer

Headshot of Nancy Schwaller '83

Nancy Schwaller '83
Agency Principal, Schwaller Insurance Agency

Life Trustees

Headshot of Sister Cathleen Cahill, RSM

Sister Cathleen Cahill, RSM
Named in 2022

Headshot of Sister Dolly Cypser, RSM

Sister Dolly Cypser, RSM
Named in 2017

Headshot of Mr. Fran Houlihan

Mr. Fran Houlihan
Named in 2014

Headshot of Mr. Robert Kuenster

Mr. Robert Kuenster
Named in 2014

Headshot of Mr. Raymond Lazzara

Mr. Raymond Lazzara
Named in 2018

Headshot of Mr. Stephen Ligda

Mr. Stephen Ligda
Named in 2017

Headshot of Sister Teresa Maltby, RSM

Sister Teresa Maltby, RSM
Named in 2015

Headshot of Sr. Mary Catherine McDonagh

Sister Mary Catherine McDonagh
Named in 2019

Headshot of Sister Patricia A. Murphy

Sister Patricia A. Murphy
Named in 2020

Headshot of Sr. Ruth Mutchler, RSM

Sister Ruth Mutchler, RSM
Named in 2018

Headshot of Sister Sue Sanders '69, RSM

Sister Sue Sanders '69, RSM
Named in 2016

Headshot of Mr. John Scanlan

Mr. John Scanlan
Named in 2020

Headshot of Mrs. Susan Scully Schultz '73

Mrs. Susan Scully Schultz '73
Named in 2019

Headshot of Sister Betty Smith, RSM

Sister Betty Smith, RSM
Named in 2014

Headshot of Mrs. Carol Groesbeck Sullivan '68

Mrs. Carol Groesbeck Sullivan '68
Named in 2015

Headshot of Mrs. Carole Intrieri Wilson '68

Mrs. Carole Intrieri Wilson '68
Named in 2016