Diversity, Equity & Belonging

As a Catholic institution, founded by the Sisters of Mercy and rooted in the Mercy tradition, Mother McAuley is committed to fostering an environment that honors the dignity of every individual.

Our young women are taught the importance of the five Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy: earth, immigration, nonviolence, racism, and women. With these values as our guide, our administrators, educators, coaches, parents/guardians, students, and the wider McAuley community work in partnership to ensure all students feel included and valued.

We recognize the need for a thoughtful and deliberate process with measurable outcomes in order for meaningful and sustainable change to occur within our diversity, equity and belonging efforts. We will continue to listen; grow our understanding of the concepts of diversity, equity and belonging; and assess and develop our plans to best respond to the needs of our community.



The Freshman Class Dignity Workshop offers a reflective lens to foster empathy toward others through active listening, gain an understanding that the way that people walk through the world is based upon their own lived experience, and gives students the opportunity to lean into their humanity and shared experience in order to understand the difference between dignity violations and dignity honored. 

Student Voice

Student Voice

McAuley continues to develop and implement equitable educational practices, opportunities, resources and expectations for all students in regards to school policy, academic placement and performance, and resource allocation.

We facilitated three Student Voice Circles in order to gather the student perspective on how the school environment at McAuley interacts with their identity markers. The purpose of these conversations is to help shape a positive school climate, where every person feels a sense of belonging within a diverse environment. 

Student Life 

Student Life

Students are encouraged to join the clubs and organizations which recognize and celebrate our diverse community, including the Black Student Union, Latinas Lead, and UNITY Community. The leaders and members of these organizations host meetings, plan events, participate in Chicago Archdiocese Student Advisory Group for Racial Equity and Justice, and much more.

Professional Development

Professional Development for Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff were provided with professional development with the following goals:
-successful implementation of culturally responsive instructional techniques within the learning environment
-development of effective communication tools, shared language, and shared understanding of the student experience to enhance the sense of belonging within the school community

Student Clubs & Organizations

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union's primary objective is to empower and support our Black students. Our goal is to be a safe space to educate and inspire others about our race and culture. The Black Student Union supports the mission of Mother McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy because we will be one band, one sound as we unite in solidarity with all of our peers toward tackling the issue of racism, one of our Mercy Critical Concerns. One of the most important hallmarks of our club is inclusion - we want ALL students to join to promote positive racial relations and to enhance cultural awareness. By joining the BSU, you will form strong relationships with diverse peers, learn more about the Black race and culture, and work to empower our students and communities of color.

BSU Events

Black History Month All School Prayer Service
HBCU College Fair
Black Student Union and YADC Virtual Alumnae Panel
Chicago Archdiocese Student Advisory Group for Racial Equity and Justice
Young Women of Color Symposium

Latinas Lead

Latinas Lead is a club whose purpose is to bring unity within the Latino community around us. Our goal is to become a safe place where we can discuss and highlight issues, and also empower and support Latinas that walk the McAuley hallways. Latinas Lead will also be used as an educational platform where we can teach non-Latinas the importance and highlights of our culture. Latinas Lead is for everyone, and we want to encourage others, especially Latinas, to use their voices to speak and discuss issues like differences and challenges we all face.

Latinas Lead Events

Hispanic Heritage Month Closing Celebration Prayer Service & Breakfast
Latinas Lead Fiesta de Independencia

UNITY Community

This club strives to provide a gathering/discussion-based group that celebrates our differences. UNITY Community is for EVERYONE. Whether we are hosting a film fest, discussing an article on a current event or timely topic, learning a dance, or engaging in a service project, we are working together to promote diversity awareness and celebrate the rich traditions and heritages that are part of our Mother McAuley experience. 

UNITY Community Events

Our Lady of Guadalupe All School Prayer Service
Chicago Archdiocese Student Advisory Group for Racial Equity and Justice
Young Women of Color Symposium

Diversity, Equity & Belonging School News

Black Student Union hosts prayer service

Our entire school community gathered together this afternoon for our Black History Month Prayer Service! Thank you to our Black Student Union for hosting the beautiful service filled with community, prayer, reflection, dance, music and stories.