Phase Two: C-wing Classroom Renovations

Team work and collaboration skills are necessary for the workforce of the future. That means that today's students need a variety of learning opportunities that keep them engaged and invested in their education. Dynamic spaces and techniques foster cooperative action and conflict resolution, creating an idea-rich atmosphere and more opportunities for engagement. Activating corridors and hallways, in concert with open classrooms, facilitates students' working with each other and their teachers on projects of common interest. Phase 2 reinvigorated and unified approximately 17,000 square feet of existing classroom and hallways space located in C-wing. The outcomes promise to provide students with a premier 21st-century college preparatory experience that is rich in collaboration and project-based learning.

Studies have shown that classroom environment directly correlates to student achievement. Our upgrades create an atmosphere that is tech-friendly and communal, with access to virtual learning environments. Each room now has:

  • 21st century, modular furniture will allow for multiple configurations, e.g., solitary study, group work, conference seating, etc.
  • modernized and environmentally-conscious finishes and surfaces, including new antimicrobial carpet tiles that can be easily cleaned and individually replaced, as needed.
  • flat panel televisions that allow for compatibility with the iPad® and other technological advances, such as Skype.
  • relocation of the visual display board to the corridor wall. 
  • roller window shades to reduce heat loss as well as glare often created by natural light.
  • LED, energy-efficient and dimmable lighting, with smart controls.
  • new doors and hardware
  • fresh, bright coats of wall paint

As a further extension of learning, the hallways were reconfigured and activated. Excess lockers were removed and benches installed with the intent to create more usable space and stimulate informal learning and collaboration. Restrooms also were renovated.

Fatima Gomez '19

“Being in a newly furnished environment gives students the motivation to think outside the box. I believe I will be better prepared to transition to college because many schools provide communal learning spaces similar to the ones the renovations will bring to McAuley. The new technology will help me grow accustom to the novel ways colleges are using it to further students’ knowledge.” 
-Fatima Gomez '19

Mary Swanson

“I will certainly make use of the modern modular furniture to form collaborative groups with my students; girls work better in this configuration and the exposure to working together will translate both to college and the working world. I also can’t wait for the new flat screen TVs! We can display our graphing calculator features through a modern medium.”
-Mary Swanson, Mathematics faculty