Celebrating Black History Month - Avan Alleyne '16

Celebrating Black History Month - Avan Alleyne '16

In honor of Black History Month, our Black Student Union and Alumnae Office partnered to create a Q&A series celebrating distinguished Black alumnae. Next up is Avan Alleyne '16!

Avan Alleyne is a professional with a background in accounting, holding both bachelor's and master's degrees in the field. Currently serving as a senior fund accountant and entrepreneur, Avan is passionate about leveraging expertise to impact communities through resource sharing and educational initiatives. With a fervent commitment to promoting financial literacy, Avan thrives on empowering others with the tools and knowledge necessary for financial success.

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Book Club

Book Club took a field trip to CFS Coffee Shop and Barnes & Noble in Oak Brook!

Book Club is just one of the 40+ student clubs and organizations that we are proud to offer at Mother McAuley. Mighty Macs get involved and stay involved with over 94% of students participating in one or more clubs/organizations!

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Maggie Hughes '24 - 2024 Erica Heilmann Scholarship Award Winner

Congratulations to Maggie Hughes '24 on being named the 2024 Erica Heilmann Scholarship Award Winner!

The award is presented annually by the Heilmann family in honor of Erica Heilmann, who was recognized by the Tony Awards for Excellence in Theatre Education and who passed away in 2018. It is presented to the individual who demonstrates, through the arts, character with compassion, leadership with understanding, selflessness with strength, and always a welcoming heart.

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