Lenten Season Reflection: Lauren Dart '23

Lenten Season Reflection: Lauren Dart '23

The McAuley Community is one dedicated to serving others. This Lenten Season we will be reflecting on service and the ways in which our Mighty Macs give back throughout the year...

Lauren Dart '23 volunteers in a program at the Cook County Jail called "Recipe for Change." Lauren teaches baking classes and she shared this about her experience, “The classes and vivid examples of mercy that I have seen and experienced at Mother McAuley high school were a catalyst for my decision to work with incarcerated women. I learned that through compassion and mercy, everyone deserves a second chance to do something meaningful with their lives. My hope is that through this work, they will learn that they are not solely defined by their past mistakes but how they choose to live the rest of their lives.” 

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Book Club

Book Club took a field trip to CFS Coffee Shop and Barnes & Noble in Oak Brook!

Book Club is just one of the 40+ student clubs and organizations that we are proud to offer at Mother McAuley. Mighty Macs get involved and stay involved with over 94% of students participating in one or more clubs/organizations!

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Maggie Hughes '24 - 2024 Erica Heilmann Scholarship Award Winner

Congratulations to Maggie Hughes '24 on being named the 2024 Erica Heilmann Scholarship Award Winner!

The award is presented annually by the Heilmann family in honor of Erica Heilmann, who was recognized by the Tony Awards for Excellence in Theatre Education and who passed away in 2018. It is presented to the individual who demonstrates, through the arts, character with compassion, leadership with understanding, selflessness with strength, and always a welcoming heart.

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