Q & A with alumna Nikki Jennings '88

Q & A with alumna Nikki Jennings '88

This Black History Month, our Black Student Union and Alumnae Office partnered to create a Q&A series connecting students with notable Black alumnae. First up is Nikki Jennings ‘88!

A leader in the Entertainment and Marketing industry for 20+ years, Nikki, has a passion for marketing, live events, branding, consumer engagement, TV event production logistics, project and talent management. Her attention to detail, professionalism and savvy executions has allowed her to work with major corporations, media, and select government agencies. 

Nikki worked at Black Entertainment Television (BET) for 15 years, starting in an entry-level marketing position and working her way up to Senior Director of Off-Chanel Marketing and Promotions for the network. She oversaw the development and implementation of Award  Winning Marketing campaigns for BET programming and specials. One of Nikki’s proudest accomplishments while in this position was creating, managing and overseeing the development of BET’s College Marketing Representative Program in colleges and universities across the United States. The program was so successful it was implemented by over  48+ colleges as part of its internship curriculum.

Nikki mastered her marketing skills and garnered a vast network of stakeholders that became the lever to open the doors of Jennings Global Media Group, LLC. Jennings Global Media Group is a woman and minority-owned boutique agency with over 20+ years of experience.

Nikki is committed and has a strong desire to help aspiring young  adults seeking a career in the marketing and entertainment industry, and we are so grateful for her wisdom she shared with our Mighty Macs! Check out the Q&A below… 

What is the first step to getting yourself into the marketing industry?  -  Naiyah Taylor 

My first step to get in the marketing industry was interning with several companies each summer while studying Marketing as a major while in school.

What are some ways that you engage others that helps you create good reliable connections in your industry?  - Mia Luckett

Building a reliable network is key to creating connections and lasting relationships in any industry.  Some ways I engage others in my industry:

  • Follow up and stay in touch with people
  • Be a connector for others
  • To participate in industry organizations
  • Volunteer in company activities
  • Share and lead in company team building 

What is the root of your passions?- Naailah Lane

The root of my passion is helping and supporting others.  This mantra is also what lead me to work in the field of Cause-related Marketing

What made you decide on your profession?- Hayley Dotson

I began my career of planning events at a young age unknowing that events could be a career and was an extension of Marketing.  I did what came naturally and it led me to my professional career that I absolutely love.

What are the advantages / disadvantages you faced attending McAuley as an African American woman? - Hayley Dotson

Some advantages I experienced while attending Mother McAuley was the elevated education and the foundation of lifelong friendships cultivated during my four years. I was a part of a graduating class of 527 ladies and 27 of us were black.
The disadvantages I faced during my tenure as a student at Mother McAuley was not having Black professional administrators, teachers or roles models that could understand the cultural and needs of the black student community.


Thank you so much, Nikki, for sharing your time and wisdom with us! Stay tuned for more Black History Month spotlights!

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