An Education without Limitation

Infused in the liberal arts, Mother McAuley’s academic curriculum centralizes on six key interdisciplinary skills found throughout all disciplines — from Science and Math to English and World Languages to Music and the Visual Arts.

Girls inherently learn differently than boys so the Mother McAuley academic program tailors instruction to girls’ learning styles, including experiential learning opportunities, peer collaboration, personalized instructor feedback, and authentic assessments.

What does Liberal Arts mean?

"A liberal arts education offers an expansive intellectual grounding in all kinds of humanistic inquiry.

By exploring issues, ideas and methods across the humanities and the arts, and the natural and social sciences, you will learn to read critically, write cogently and think broadly. These skills will elevate your conversations in the classroom and strengthen your social and cultural analysis; they will cultivate the tools necessary to allow you to navigate the world’s most complex issues.

A liberal arts education challenges you to consider not only how to solve problems, but also trains you to ask which problems to solve and why, preparing you for positions of leadership and a life of service to the nation and all of humanity."

Taken from Princeton University

Other institutions founded in the liberal arts include the University of Notre Dame, Harvard College, University of Chicago, St. Louis University, and many more!

Course Highlights

Mother McAuley continually adds courses to their offerings based off the needs of our changing world, in order to make our young women future ready. 

Broadcast Journalism

Students will learn all aspects of a news production and that it is a team effort - all positions are equally dependent on each other for the success of the production. This course will include how to report, write and edit for broadcast news; speech and communications skills for reporting and interviewing; and media literacy and ethical standards of journalism. At the production level, this course will include how to use the technical equipment involved as well as learning how to produce and direct. Students will showcase their work on camera and behind the scenes. 

Personal Finance (Financial Literacy)

This blended learning (classroom and online work) course provides students with the foundations and financial skills in money management. Students will explore real life financial scenarios such as buying a car, filling out the FAFSA form, understanding pay stubs, filing taxes, credit scores, types of insurance, consumer protection, budgeting, interest rates and investing. This is a graduation requirement for all students. 


Intro to Coding / Mobile App Creation

Students will learn text-based programming through C++, HTML and CSS, and will be equipped with the programming fundamentals to learn any programming language. They will then move on to mobile app creation, where they will be introduced to a specific topic or skill that will be used to modify or redesign an existing app. At the conclusion, students will apply what was learned to create their own working app. 


Inquiry Through STEM

According to the most recent U.S. Census, only a quarter of women make up the STEM field. Yet, at Mother McAuley, 100% of the young women take four years of science. In fact, for the past three years, College Board’s Advanced Placement program awarded Mother McAuley with the AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award for its work toward equal gender representation, one of only 818 schools nationally recognized this past year.

Amazon Future Engineers

McAuley is one of the first all girls’ schools in the country to become part of the Amazon Future Engineers Program. This program provides students with access to special classes and Amazon resources, as well as a chance to earn a college scholarship and an internship at Amazon, one of the world's premier technology companies.