1:1 iPad Program

As a pioneer in academic excellence, Mother McAuley believes that effective integration of technology into the curriculum leads to innovative learning and higher levels of student achievement. In August 2014, we transitioned to a 1:1 iPad program.

Mother McAuley was the first single-gender, private high school in the Chicago Southland to launch an iPad initiative with the introduction of our pilot program in September 2013. Prior to that, we had been using iPads in select science classes since 2010. Research from the pilot program revealed that parents, teachers and students agree that instruction and learning is enhanced through the use of the iPad. 

“We have found the iPad to be a versatile tool and resource to enhance learning for our students,” says Principal Mrs. Eileen O'Reilly '03. “It meets the needs of various learning styles and prepares our students for their future education and careers in a technology-driven world.”

For the 2018 - 2019 school year, families are responsible for purchasing an iPad for their student(s). The one-time cost of an iPad is approximately $675, whereas the annual cost of traditional textbooks is between $500 and $700. As publishers expand their eBook offerings, so too will McAuley’s eBook options, providing to families a significant savings versus the cost of textbooks.  Cumulatively, families may see upwards of $1,500 in savings through a student’s high school career.