Clubs & Organizations

Mother McAuley encourages students to develop community interests and leadership abilities through a wide variety of extracurricular activities and service opportunities. Clubs are one way young women can pursue and share their unique interests with other like-minded students. McAuley offers more than 30 clubs and organizations from which to choose, all open to students of any grade level. Click on the links below to see our many options.


94% of our students participate in one or more club or organization!


Action Reaction

Action/Reaction is a club committed to fostering a heightened student consciousness regarding social issues and to respond to them through in-school, as well as outside volunteer opportunities. A recurring outside activity is making and serving dinner to families who are staying at the Ronald McDonald House while their child receives medical care at Christ Hospital. It is our privilege to provide this service to such deserving and thankful families. We also make Valentines for Veterans, which are then distributed to a local veteran facility. There are no grade requirements for Action/Reaction members, but they are expected to attend meetings and sign up for service opportunities. Meetings are typically held at 7:30 am and after school at 3:15pm. This allows students with zero hour classes to attend meetings as well. 

Animal Rights Club

Animal Rights Club is directed at working with local animal shelters.  The club focuses on fundraising and volunteer work.  

Book Club

Through the discussions of various works of literature the Book Club promotes critical thinking and effective communication while nurturing the habit of reading for pleasure. The Book Club is open to all students.


The EcoMacs of Mother McAuley High School is an environmental service club. Through monthly meetings and projects, they strive to educate the McAuley community on important environmental issues. Additionally, the EcoMacs encourage students and the community to recognize their role in helping the environment. All McAuley students interested in the care of our earth are welcome to join.

French Club

The French Club is an organization designed to stimulate interest in the French language and culture. A student of any level may join if they are currently and/or formerly enrolled in French. Students must attend meetings and participate in at least one event per semester to be considered a member of the French Club.  Some club activities include sampling French cuisine, experiencing French culture and coordinating school wide activities for National French week.

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code (GWC) is a national organization that promotes high school students to pursue computer science careers. The McAuley GWC Club teaches students how to design and develop software to learn programming basics.The Club meets 1 hour after school on Mondays. Students are encouraged to design an impact project to solve a real world problem that affects the McAuley community.The GWC Club is assisted by a McAuley alum, currently working in the computer science field. GWC National on-line curriculum materials are used as the teaching medium.

Junior Classical League

Junior Classical League provides students studying Latin with an opportunity to meet socially and to participate in fun activities together. Each member is encouraged to enlist an eighth grader for Latin I. Members are required to continue her study in Latin—sophomores must be enrolled in either Latin II or II Honors, juniors must be enrolled in Latin III Honors and seniors must be enrolled in either AP or Latin IV Honors. Girls must also maintain consistent attendance of JCL meetings and take part in the bake sale in the fall to remain in good standing. Girls also participate in a few other major events throughout the year, most notably the Not So Haunted House, Ides of March Bake Sale and the Language Honor Societies Induction Ceremony in April.

Liturgical Ensemble

This ministry allows singers and musicians to use their gift of song to lead the McAuley community in prayer during masses, prayer services, and special spiritual events. This ministry is open to students of all grade levels and talent levels. Participants are not required to be involved in any music classes.  Liturgical Ensemble believes what St. Augustine teaches: “He who sings prays twice.”

Mac Media (Broadcast Club)

Students will expand upon the basics of production planning, script preparation, analysis, directing, equipment setup, trouble-shooting, and production. In addition, students will learn field-shooting, interviewing and editing and will rotate in the crew positions necessary to produce and air television programs and projects. Theater, chorus, and sporting events will also be broadcast. 

Mac Money

Mac Money is a Mother McAuley Club that provides opportunities for members to explore and learn about the business world and careers in business, learn experientially about the US Stock Market, and make connections for life beyond McAuley. Mac Money members participate in a Stock market game, learning about how to invest and competing to see who makes the greatest profit. Addi-tionally, throughout the school year, Mac Money hosts conversations with successful business-women (usually McAuley alumnae). All McAuley students are invited to join us for these casual and extremely informative conversations. Students of all levels are welcome to join Mac Money. We meet approximately twice a month, after school, for about a half hour.

Math Macs

Math Macs are McAuley students with special talent and interest in the field of mathematics. They participate in math competitions with other high schools in the Chicagoland area. Any students can attend the first three competitions and participate as individuals. To participate in team events, students must attend the scheduled practices prior to the competitions. For the official state competitions, we can only bring ten students per grade level. Students are invited to participate in the official state contests based on their participation and performance in the first three competitions. All competitions are held on Saturdays. 

Mock Trial

The Mock Trial Club is an educational and fun experience for all levels of high school students. In addition to learning courtroom procedures, students learn how our society’s legal mechanism works to resolve disputes. Students also develop life-long skills: such as critical thinking, questioning, listening, strategic thinking, skills in oral presentation and organizational skills. Some students may participate in a regional tournament against other high schools. This is an ideal activity for students who are interested in law or law-related careers. 

Primary Colors

Primary Colors is a club that is open to all McAuley students who are interested in art, regardless of previous formal experience. Using a variety of techniques and media, this club provides the student with an outlet for self-expression and creativity. Students create themed seasonal projects in a variety of medium, selected by the members of the club. Students also raise money to purchase supplies for projects. Involvement in this club requires that students also be involved in fundraisers.

Respect Life

The Respect Life Club promotes the idea that every human life in every stage of development is precious and worthy of protection and respect. Students attend the March for Life in Washington DC, participate in the Walk for Life, volunteer at the Women’s Center and sponsor several other activities in school to help raise money and awareness for their cause. The Respect Life Club meets monthly and is open to all students sharing the same philosophy with regards to the sanctity of human life. 

Road Runners

“I run like a girl, try and keep up!” 
The Mighty Mac Road Runners is a running club that seeks competitive and non-competitive runners of all running abilities. The club seeks to promote a healthy life style by using running to build physical strength and endurance. The club also provides a great social network among runners to help achieve personal running and fitness goals. The running group meets 3 days a week after school between March and May (weather permitting) and completes a daily workout based on running level that leads to a completion of a 5K race at the end of the season.  Club members also volunteer at local road races on request to help build relationships outside of the McAuley Community.


Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) is an organization with the purpose of educating young people on the dangerous consequences of alcohol and drug use and of drinking and driving. Our chapter of SADD distributes red ribbons to promote sober driving, sponsor students’ attendance at Operation Snowball Weekend, distributes educational and promotional materials to all students, and sponsors SADD Awareness Week. Students also work in partnership with Operation Teen Safe Driving (OTSD) to sponsor a safe driving campaign and worked with Student Council to promote McAuley’s anti-bullying initiative “Macs Choose Kind.” SADD meets once a month and members are required to attend both meetings and SADD sponsored events. 

Sailing Club

The sailing team is a joint club between Brother Rice and Mother McAuley. More Information

Science Bowl

The purpose of the Science Bowl Club is to engage students’ interest in science in a fun and competitive manner. The club challenges students to strengthen and go beyond their current science knowledge. Their knowledge is enhanced through working with other club members to answer science and math questions in a quickly-paced format. The main event of the year is participation in the Regional Science Bowl, with a possibility of attending the National Science Bowl in Washington, D.C. Through scholastic competition, the club fosters competitive skills, adherence to rules and time limits, and a sense of good sportsmanship.  

Science Club

The Science Club is for students who are interested in learning more about science.  The club takes students beyond what is learned in the classroom.  Students meet once a month where they conduct an engaging experiment and learn the science behind it.  Members are involved in all aspects of the club, from attending meetings, performing  experiments and studies, as well as performing a service project for the school or community.  

Spanish Club

The mission of the Spanish club is to help create understanding and promote enthusiasm for the various aspects of Spanish-speaking cultures and the Spanish language. The moderators, with the help of student officers, organize and provide activities that extend and enrich language and classroom learning. Students engage in cultural activities that include crafts, games, making and eating Hispanic foods, watching videos in Spanish, special guest presentations and occasional trips to restaurants and exhibits. The club participates in two service projects every school year – one with the neighboring members of the community and one within the McAuley community itself. Club members also participate in fundraisers to curtail club expenses.  Membership is open to any student that is currently enrolled in a Spanish class. Meetings are held once a month after school and focus on a cultural aspect of the Spanish-speaking world. Students participate in fun and educational hands-on activities to enhance their understanding of Hispanic cultures.

Speech Team

Speech Team members have the opportunity to compete in any of six different categories under the direction of the Chicago Catholic Forensic League. For students seeking an alternative theatre outlet, the Speech Team provides a unique opportunity to develop speaking and performing skills that help build confidence and poise in stress-filled situations. Members meet in paired groupings weekly to workshop material and report their progress to the team moderator and captain. In addition to weekly practice, members must attend a monthly team meeting.

Stage Crew

This activity provides students of all levels the opportunity to learn set and prop construction, carpentry skills and design techniques. Students are primarily responsible for assisting in the production of school shows. Running crew, set and prop movement, is comprised of those students who have consistently contributed time and effort in the construction of sets.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are dynamic young women dedicated to the mission of Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School. Grounded in the charism of the Sisters of Mercy, Student Ambassadors positively witness to the surrounding community, most importantly prospective students, the values of single gender education within the Catholic Tradition. Specific criteria and requirements must be met for membership.

Student Ambassadors are visible at various events where prospective students and families are present in order to highlight the “lifetime advantages” of an education at Mother McAuley. While serving Mother McAuley in this capacity Student Ambassadors have the unique opportunity to develop and receive training in communication, public relations and interpersonal skills. 

Student Government

The purpose of Student Council is to contribute to the development of student leadership and enthusiasm within our school community through:

  • Respecting the uniqueness of each person
  • Encouraging and supporting the growing leadership qualities of students
  • Promoting school spirit and pride in accomplishments
  • Serving as a liaison between the McAuley administration and students regarding mutual concerns, problems, and events
  • Elected members work together through weekly meetings to continue the work of the standing Student Council Committees: Recognition, Service, Leadership Development, Public Relations and Spirit. Student Council strives to promote and lead a new event each month that involves both students and faculty/staff. 

Tech Crew

The Tech Crew is an organization that allows a student to excel in the technical aspects of theatrical production. In conjunction with the auditorium manager, these students serve not only their school, but the outside community as well through their work for auditorium rentals. Tech Crew members are paid a small amount for their services by the outside organization who rents the facility. Tech Crew is open to students of all levels who have completed the Play Production course. 

Unity Community

UNITY Community strives to provide a gathering/discussion-based group that celebrates our differences.  UNITY Community is for EVERYONE. Whether we are hosting a film fest, discussing an article on a current event or timely topic, learning a dance, or engaging in a service project, we are working together to promote diversity awareness and celebrate the rich traditions and heritages that are part of our Mother McAuley experience. We meet every other week and as necessary to plan events.

A Tightly Knit Community

This club is open to all students interested in knitting. Tightly Knit Community meets weekly on Fridays, and all knitting is donated to charity. The completion of the project allows members to earn service hours for Theology. No knitting experience is necessary to join.

Varsity Club

The Varsity Club is for students interested in promoting and upholding school spirit, developing good sportsmanship and relations between teams during events and in the community. Members will attend scheduled sporting events, plan spiritwear and participate in a variety of other activities. 

Women Who Write

Women Who Write is a club centered on expressing yourself through the written word. Writers will find a safe place to work on their craft in a variety of formats such as stories, poetry and spoken word. The goal of Women Who Write is to write and share the written inspirations. Opportunities to share include reading at our club meetings, open mike nights, and possibly inter-school competition teams. Competing in the youth poetry competition LTAB is another opportunity. Members should expect to work on their writing. Sharing your writing with the club, and eventually with a public audience, is a goal to work toward. We meet few times a month and performance teams will meet more often. Members should be respectful of all writing talents. Sharing our writing brings the club members closer together. This relationship needs to be respected. 

Worship Dancer

Organizations & Honor Societies

International Thespian Society

The International Thespians Society is an honor society for high school theatre students. The organization is dedicated to the teaching and appreciation of theatre. Students meet regularly with their school troupe and are also given opportunities to attend theatre conventions. Scholarships are available through the International Thespian Society to talented students planning to study theatre in college.

Students serve the school and community through their work on the Audition Workshop, Not So Haunted House, and the Grade School Workshop. They also participate in Girls Nite Out and other activities. Any student with an interest in theater may join as an apprentice member, but full membership in the society requires earning a minimum of 10 points based on theater work, classes, workshops, etc. Students earn additional points to gain the ranks of Honor, National Honor and International Honor Thespian. Members are required to attend all meetings and events. 

Model U.N.

Model UN is an exciting opportunity for students from McAuley to join students from other high schools to discuss political, social and economic issues that are impacting the world community. Students act as diplomats for assigned countries at a Model United Nations conference and learn the skills of research, resolution writing and informal and formal debate.  Students in Model UN spend three to four days at conferences sponsored by various universities. These conferences are facilitated by university students who use the same meeting framework as the United Nations in New York. The club meets regularly on Friday

National Art Honors Society

The Mother McAuley chapter of the National Art Honor Society is a division of the parent organization of the same name. This group of sophomore, junior and senior students is chosen by the Visual Arts & Technology Department faculty. Membership in this chapter is based upon art scholarship, service and character. The purpose of this chapter is to insure and recognize those students who have shown outstanding ability in art, to foster excellence and a dedicated spirit to the pursuit of art, to further creative abilities and talents of the society’s members, to aid members in working toward the attainment of their highest potential in an art area and bring art to the attention of the school and community. To be eligible for selection to membership in this chapter, the candidate must be a high school student enrolled in grade 10, 11, or 12 in this school, and have completed a period equivalent to one semester of art in this school and currently be enrolled in at least one semester of art. An eligible candidate shall have and maintain a minimum art scholarship average of B (3.0 G.P. A), or this school’s equivalent. This is the national minimum standard of achievement required for eligibility and shall remain fixed. The McAuley Chapter of the National Art Honor Society sponsor: face painting at community events such as the Oak Lawn ‘Fall on the Green’, the annual scary cupcake and pumpkin sale (proceeds go to a charity of the memberships choosing), the Junior High Art Workshop, Saint Xavier University Secondary Art Education Workshop Collaboration, Mini-Christmas Tree Sale (proceeds go to a charity of the memberships choosing), Advent window painting at Saint Stephen Deacon and Martyr Parish, dining hall window painting/decorating for the Mother’s club vendor fair, participation in scholarship and other creative competitions, design and display of Senior Father-Daughter Dance posters,  design of the cover for the ad booklet for the Annual Spring Luncheon, sponsor guest speakers, including but not limited to a mini-visual arts career fair to be held in March, YAM activities celebrating the arts, visual arts presentations at Keller School for the Gifted (April),  hanging and hosting the Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition. Other opportunities include museum/gallery visits, college or university visits etc. All members must attend monthly meetings and participate in at least 3 service projects/events. s.

National English Honors Society

The National English Honor Society is a chapter of the parent organization of the same name. NEHS strives to create an atmosphere of enthusiastic members who share their love of language and literature with the community. Members meet monthly and are required to attend all events. 

National French Honors Society

The Société Honoraire de Françias is a chapter of the national organization. Our goals are to encourage and stimulate interest in the French language and culture, to recognize those juniors and seniors who have maintained a high scholastic average in French, and to offer service to the school and the community. SHF members provide tutoring to less experienced students. They raise money for scholarship, sponsor an orphan in Haiti and make donations to a local women’s crisis center. 

National Honors Society

The Mother McAuley chapter is a division of the parent organization of the National Honor Society. This senior group is chosen from those students who at the end of their fifth semester have accumulated GPA of 3.5 or better, who have evidenced leadership, positive character values, and have been active in school and community activities and service. The Society is involved in in-school tutoring, assisting at school functions and fundraising for charitable causes. Eligibility is based on GPA as well as a point system for activities and service. NHS meetings are at least once a month, or when new business arises. Members are in sponsor two big fundraisers in fall and spring and a smaller one around Christmas. This is a service based organization.

Science National Honors Society

The Science National Honor Society is a nationally recognized organization composed of junior and senior students.  The society was organized with the following objectives:

  • To encourage and recognize scientific and intellectual thought
  • To advance students’ knowledge of classical and modern science
  • To communicate with the scientific community
  • To aid the civic community with its comprehension of science, and
  • To encourage students to participate in community service and in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all of mankind.

To be eligible students must be in an AP or honors science course, have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and a GPA in science classes of 4.0. Initiation takes place each fall.

National Spanish Honors Society

The Mother McAuley Chapter, “Aldonza,” is a division of the parent organization, La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica. Membership in this chapter is based upon language skills, leadership abilities and character. Junior students enrolled in Spanish III courses may apply after first quarter and will continue on as members during their senior year. Students must be registered in a level four Spanish class in order to remain a member of SHH during their senior year. The focus of this organization is to increase students’ knowledge of the Spanish language and culture through service and practice. Students must attend monthly meetings, provide tutoring services to students who need extra help with Spanish, and participate in all activities sponsored by SHH.  Activities sponsored and/or attended by SHH members are those that provide opportunity for building language skills, increasing self-esteem and fostering a sense of community within and outside of the McAuley family. 

Quill and Scroll

Quill and Scroll is an international honorary society for high school students who excel in some phase of high school journalism. Quill and Scroll seeks to encourage individual initiative in high school journalism, creative writing, and allied fields enabling the individual to contribute greater skill to the journalistic endeavor. It also recognizes and rewards the individual achievements of students engaged in journalistic activity. Quill and Scroll has a selective membership. Criteria include junior or senior status, a GPA of 3.0 or better, superior work in some phase of the newspaper, yearbook or literary magazine after at least one year’s work on the staff and recommendation by the publication’s advisor. Activities include participation, nomination, and voting in the IHSA, Quill and Scroll, and SPAC award processes, as well as inductions and other events throughout the year.  The time requirement is about 3 hours a month divided between actual meetings, online discussions, and other planning and participation events. Members of this organization may be asked to provide service to the McAuley Community through writing press releases, photographing events or other press/media opportunities.