College Credit Courses

Introduction to Nursing

Introduction to Nursing is an after-school, college credit course open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. The course is taught by Jeanine Reilly MSN, CPN, AE-C, an assistant professor at Saint Xavier University and McAuley alumna from the class of 1986, and held on their campus, a location which gives students full access to the Saint Xavier’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences Simulation Lab and other hands-on resources. 

Students will explore the four major concepts within the nursing practice: Clinical Practice, Patient, Health Systems, and Professional Identity. Students will reflect on their professional goals and personal wellness through writing and discussion, interact with current medical professionals and students through panel discussions and interviews, and engage in clinical practice by introducing vital sign assessment and infection control while visiting the Saint Xavier’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences Simulation Lab.

Registration for Introduction to Nursing

First semester registration for this experiential learning opportunity is now closed. In December 2022, we will have open registration for the second semester. Please be sure to check back. 

Successful completion of the course will award each student with one transferable college credit hour. 

Dual Credit Program

Successful completion of the following courses earns college credit hours through the dual credit programs with Saint Xavier University. The purpose of the college credit program is to provide transferable college credit for knowledge and skills students have mastered in high school courses. 

The following courses qualify for dual credit at Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School and Saint Xavier University.

Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School Saint Xavier University
AP Biology 406 General Biology I & II-BIOL 111 & 112 - 10 credits
AP Literature and Composition 102 Introduction to Literature-ENGL 154 - 3 Credits
AP Spanish Language 519 Intermediate Spanish I & II-SPAN 103 & 104 - 6 Credits
AP Statistics 326 Introduction to Statistics-MATH 135 - 4 Credits

$60.00 per credit hour
Alumnae: For transcripts please visit here.