• This is registration for the class being offered during the summer of 2024. Classes will run 9:00am - 1:00pm from June 17 - June 27, with no class on June 19th. 
  • Your daughter must be 15 years old prior to the first day of class - June 17.
  • There will be an additional $20 permit fee collected for the Secretary of State during the class and a $2 processing fee to Bogan.
  • Attendance is critical. Students are required to have 30 hours of classroom instruction. Absences (including late arrivals or early dismissals) will not be allowed during this course for any reason. If there are prior commitments such as work, vacations, etc. please do not register for this class, as any absences will forfeit the right to pass this class and you will be removed without a refund. If a student becomes ill during this class period which results in absences, they will be removed from the class and a refund can be issued if a doctor note is provided.
  • The Driver Education grade is not calculated into a student's Mother McAuley GPA.
  • There is a fee of $275 for registration.
  • Students will receive their driver's permit at the end of the class, upon successful completion of the course and their Illinois permit test.

Register for the summer session of Driver Education

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