Honors Societies

Organizations & Honor Societies

International Thespian Society

The International Thespians Society is an honor society for high school theatre students. The organization is dedicated to the teaching and appreciation of theatre. Students meet regularly with their school troupe and are also given opportunities to attend theatre conventions. Scholarships are available through the International Thespian Society to talented students planning to study theatre in college.

Students serve the school and community through their work on the Audition Workshop, Not So Haunted House, and the Grade School Workshop. They also participate in Girls Nite Out and other activities. Any student with an interest in theater may join as an apprentice member, but full membership in the society requires earning a minimum of 10 points based on theater work, classes, workshops, etc. Students earn additional points to gain the ranks of Honor, National Honor and International Honor Thespian. Members are required to attend all meetings and events. 

Model U.N.

Model UN is an exciting opportunity for students from McAuley to join students from other high schools to discuss political, social and economic issues that are impacting the world community. Students act as diplomats for assigned countries at a Model United Nations conference and learn the skills of research, resolution writing and informal and formal debate.  Students in Model UN spend three to four days at conferences sponsored by various universities. These conferences are facilitated by university students who use the same meeting framework as the United Nations in New York. The club meets regularly on Friday

National Art Honors Society

The Mother McAuley chapter of the National Art Honor Society is a division of the parent organization of the same name. This group of sophomore, junior and senior students is chosen by the Visual Arts & Technology Department faculty. Membership in this chapter is based upon art scholarship, service and character. The purpose of this chapter is to insure and recognize those students who have shown outstanding ability in art, to foster excellence and a dedicated spirit to the pursuit of art, to further creative abilities and talents of the society’s members, to aid members in working toward the attainment of their highest potential in an art area and bring art to the attention of the school and community. To be eligible for selection to membership in this chapter, the candidate must be a high school student enrolled in grade 10, 11, or 12 in this school, and have completed a period equivalent to one semester of art in this school and currently be enrolled in at least one semester of art. An eligible candidate shall have and maintain a minimum art scholarship average of B (3.0 G.P. A), or this school’s equivalent. This is the national minimum standard of achievement required for eligibility and shall remain fixed. The McAuley Chapter of the National Art Honor Society sponsor: face painting at community events such as the Oak Lawn ‘Fall on the Green’, the annual scary cupcake and pumpkin sale (proceeds go to a charity of the memberships choosing), the Junior High Art Workshop, Saint Xavier University Secondary Art Education Workshop Collaboration, Mini-Christmas Tree Sale (proceeds go to a charity of the memberships choosing), Advent window painting at Saint Stephen Deacon and Martyr Parish, dining hall window painting/decorating for the Mother’s club vendor fair, participation in scholarship and other creative competitions, design and display of Senior Father-Daughter Dance posters,  design of the cover for the ad booklet for the Annual Spring Luncheon, sponsor guest speakers, including but not limited to a mini-visual arts career fair to be held in March, YAM activities celebrating the arts, visual arts presentations at Keller School for the Gifted (April),  hanging and hosting the Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition. Other opportunities include museum/gallery visits, college or university visits etc. All members must attend monthly meetings and participate in at least 3 service projects/events. s.

National English Honors Society

The National English Honor Society is a chapter of the parent organization of the same name. NEHS strives to create an atmosphere of enthusiastic members who share their love of language and literature with the community. Members meet monthly and are required to attend all events. 

National French Honors Society

The Société Honoraire de Françias is a chapter of the national organization. Our goals are to encourage and stimulate interest in the French language and culture, to recognize those juniors and seniors who have maintained a high scholastic average in French, and to offer service to the school and the community. SHF members provide tutoring to less experienced students. They raise money for scholarship, sponsor an orphan in Haiti and make donations to a local women’s crisis center. 

National Honors Society

The Mother McAuley chapter is a division of the parent organization of the National Honor Society. This senior group is chosen from those students who at the end of their fifth semester have accumulated GPA of 3.5 or better, who have evidenced leadership, positive character values, and have been active in school and community activities and service. The Society is involved in in-school tutoring, assisting at school functions and fundraising for charitable causes. Eligibility is based on GPA as well as a point system for activities and service. NHS meetings are at least once a month, or when new business arises. Members are in sponsor two big fundraisers in fall and spring and a smaller one around Christmas. This is a service based organization.

Science National Honors Society

The Science National Honor Society is a nationally recognized organization composed of junior and senior students.  The society was organized with the following objectives:

  • To encourage and recognize scientific and intellectual thought
  • To advance students’ knowledge of classical and modern science
  • To communicate with the scientific community
  • To aid the civic community with its comprehension of science, and
  • To encourage students to participate in community service and in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all of mankind.

To be eligible students must be in an AP or honors science course, have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and a GPA in science classes of 4.0. Initiation takes place each fall.

National Spanish Honors Society

The Mother McAuley Chapter, “Aldonza,” is a division of the parent organization, La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica. Membership in this chapter is based upon language skills, leadership abilities and character. Junior students enrolled in Spanish III courses may apply after first quarter and will continue on as members during their senior year. Students must be registered in a level four Spanish class in order to remain a member of SHH during their senior year. The focus of this organization is to increase students’ knowledge of the Spanish language and culture through service and practice. Students must attend monthly meetings, provide tutoring services to students who need extra help with Spanish, and participate in all activities sponsored by SHH.  Activities sponsored and/or attended by SHH members are those that provide opportunity for building language skills, increasing self-esteem and fostering a sense of community within and outside of the McAuley family. 

Quill and Scroll

Quill and Scroll is an international honorary society for high school students who excel in some phase of high school journalism. Quill and Scroll seeks to encourage individual initiative in high school journalism, creative writing, and allied fields enabling the individual to contribute greater skill to the journalistic endeavor. It also recognizes and rewards the individual achievements of students engaged in journalistic activity. Quill and Scroll has a selective membership. Criteria include junior or senior status, a GPA of 3.0 or better, superior work in some phase of the newspaper, yearbook or literary magazine after at least one year’s work on the staff and recommendation by the publication’s advisor. Activities include participation, nomination, and voting in the IHSA, Quill and Scroll, and SPAC award processes, as well as inductions and other events throughout the year.  The time requirement is about 3 hours a month divided between actual meetings, online discussions, and other planning and participation events. Members of this organization may be asked to provide service to the McAuley Community through writing press releases, photographing events or other press/media opportunities.