Learning Resource Program

The goals of the McAuley Learning Resource Program are three-fold:

  1. To help each student discover her unique learning style
  2. To help each student identify and utilize her academic strengths
  3. To encourage each student to take responsibility for her own participation in learning

Students participating in the McAuley Learning Resource Program meet with a resource teacher during the student's lunch period. Individualized assistance is provided to the student's classroom teachers to assess the student's progress and needs. The resource teacher serves in consultant capacity to the academic departments with reference to adjustments necessary to meet the specific learning needs of the student.

Parents of students with diagnosed learning disabilities or ADD/ADHD are encouraged to set up an appointment with the Learning Resource Program Coordinator, Mrs. Julianne Alvarado, at 773-298-8808 or jalvarado@mothermcauley.org before the December entrance exam to discuss their daughter’s academic needs and any accommodations she has been receiving at her elementary school.

Mother McAuley High School has a long history of developing each student’s unique potential for learning. Consistent with this philosophy, the McAuley Learning Resource Program was established in 2002 to meet the individual needs of students who face learning obstacles during their high school years, yet demonstrate the potential to succeed in a college prep program. Acknowledging that each student has a unique learning style, the Mother McAuley Learning Resource Program seeks to identify those students who will benefit from resource assistance to allow them the opportunity to reach their academic potential. 

Unlike students in other learning assistance programs, McAuley students are mainstreamed into the student body and are challenged to successfully complete the core curriculum, elective programs and graduation requirements of our college preparatory program. Our purpose is to teach our students adaptive strategies and techniques that will help them be more independent learners, graduate from Mother McAuley and successfully transition into college coursework.