Nine-Period Day

Mother McAuley institutes a nine-period schedule. This added period allows students room in their class schedules to take elective courses that meet their needs and interests. Whereas, in prior years, some students were forced to take summer school, eliminate their lunch period to fit in all their classes, or they removed the class from their schedule completely.

The added period also will allow students to take advantage of the study resources we offer: the Learning Resource Center, Math Center, Media Center, Computer Lab, Science Center, and Counseling and College Counseling Services. 

In addition to the academic benefits the new schedule offers, we are pleased students will now have room in their schedule for lunch periods. This requirement allows us to nourish the health and wellness of all students with a needed break in the day.

The schedule plans for forty-two minute classes with four minute passing periods. While the dismissal time remains the same (2:50 p.m.), the start time changes by five minutes (7:55 a.m.).

Academic Planning Guidelines

  • Each student must carry a minimum of six (6) classes each semester, excluding before and after school classes. Lunch must be included in her program.
  • The schedule is planned using all nine periods. Students cannot choose courses planning to leave school early.  
  • Once the scheduling process is completed, schedule changes are made and approved only by the level dean.  
  • There is no “grace period” in either September or January for “trying” courses.

Please Note: Student Schedules are NOT adjusted to accommodate student work schedules.