Basketball Clinic for 5th-7th grade girls
Learn the basic techniques of shooting, ball handling, passing, footwork & finishing, rebounding and defense.

The clinics will be run by Head Coach Curtis Lewis with the help of current McAuley basketball players. All clinics will run from 7:00 - 8:30pm in the Mother McAuley Main Gym.


Thursday, April 25

SHOOTING Learn proper stance, footwork and release
BALL HANDLING Proper way to handle the basketball with both hands


Friday, May 3 

PASSING Basic and advanced variations of passing with both the left and right hand emphasizing timing, passing angles and spacing
FOOTWORK & FINISHING Learn a variety of offensive moves; improve footwork utilizing pivot moves


Friday, May 10 

REBOUNDING Techniques for offensive and defensive rebounding
DEFENSE Proper defensive stance, positioning and recovery on and off the ball

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