Class of 2028 Scholarship Information

All students who took the Entrance Exam at Mother McAuley are eligible for the following scholarships. Scholarship applications will open after the Entrance Exam on December 2, 2023.


JANUARY 12, 2024

Notes before applying

  • To be eligible for incoming freshmen scholarships, 8th grade girls must take the Entrance Exam at Mother McAuley.
  • Each scholarship has its own essay prompt, which can be found when clicking on a scholarship name below. Please follow these directions closely.
  • All essays must be completed before submitting the application form.
  • All essays must be typed directly into the essay field or copy and pasted into the field.
  • Essays will be scored using this rubric.


The Class of 2027 received $694,000 in scholarships for their four years at Mother McAuley. 

Scholarship Opportunities

Click on the arrow next to each scholarship listed below to view the criteria and application.