From the President

Dear McAuley Community,

At Mother McAuley, we are proud of the traditions and legacy that sustain us. Some traditions range back to our earliest days in 1846, when the Sisters of Mercy first committed to establishing an all-girls school with young women as the primary concern. I keep these words of Catherine McAuley on my desk as a daily reminder of their work, and the importance of carrying on their mission:

“The sisters and those who minister in their name shall be convinced that no work of charity can be more productive to the good of society, or more conducive to the happiness of the poor than the careful instruction of women, since whatever station they are destined to fill, their example and advice will always possess influence.”

Some traditions have developed throughout the years: Mercy Day celebration, McAuley’s Got Talent show, cart rides in celebration of student successes. And then there are traditions that might not be as visible, but which underlie everything we do at McAuley. Building champions is one of them.

The word “champions” might lead one to think about our powerhouse athletic program, and rightly so. Over the years, our student athletes have earned 50+ conference titles, 20 state championships, and two national championships, with unparalleled success throughout the state of Illinois and across the nation for decades. But this is just one way we build champions.

Looking at this year alone, our students have excelled across the board: winning awards in art, design, journalism, and music; advancing to state competitions for academics, athletics, and even for our boisterous student fan section; receiving recognition through college scholarship offers; earning opportunities to participate in state-wide orchestras and theatre productions; and more!

These are wonderful accomplishments and moments we have celebrated! But at McAuley, a “champion” is not always tied to trophies or awards or big, shining, winning achievements. Our students, and in turn, our alumnae, are champions in the ways they present themselves, assume leadership roles, work to better their families and communities, support their friends and colleagues, and spread the Mercy values that were learned within our walls.

We are able to build champions because we proudly provide an environment where our young women can explore and discover their interests, and be supported in the pursuit of their dreams. With this in mind, we are continually investing in state-of-the-art technology, tools and updated spaces to promote student growth and learning.

Thank you for your part in building our champions and the champion spirit that runs through our hallways. We ask that you continue to support our efforts through prayer, cheering us on in all endeavors, and investing in our school to keep us mighty and strong for another 175+ years.

Catherine McAuley...pray for us.
Our Lady of Mercy... pray for us.
Mary, mother of God, pray for us.

Thank you to all for partnering with us!

In Mercy,

Carey Temple Harrington '86