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Published in the Summer 2023 issue of InscapeRecorded from July 15, 2022 - May 28, 2023


Catherine Marie Scheid ‘73, January 24, 2022
Sister of Beth Scheid Hajek ‘75 and Theresa Scheid Balamuta ‘78

MARCH 2022

Patricia Moore Hahn ‘64, March 5, 2022
Mother of Ann Hahn Smith ‘05; sister of the late Mary Fran Moore '69 and the late Marie Moore ‘71; sister-in-law of Fran Lombard Moore ‘68; aunt of Celia Moore Tagliareni ‘00

Maryrita Doran Peters ‘61, March 20, 2022
Great-Aunt of Margaux Doran ‘22 and Mairead Doran ‘23

William Lachat, March 26, 2022
Father of Michele Lachat Burbatt ‘81, Suzanne Lachat Vaughan ‘82, Jeanmarie Lachat Mahony ‘85, Christine Lachat Nagelhout ‘87, and Nicole Lachat Mendez ‘ 93; grandfather of Elizabeth Burbatt ‘10, Emma Mendez ‘19, Sophia Mendez ‘21, and Gabriella Mendez ‘26

APRIL 2022

Maureen Barrett ‘70, April 13, 2022

JULY 2022

Katherine Riordan, July 19, 2022
Mother-in-law of Ann Marie Kordeck Riordan ‘88; grandmother of Nora Riordan ‘22

Jacqualine McDonough, July 16, 2022
Mother of Maureen McDonough Curley ‘81

Kay Williams Grabos ‘64, July 29, 2022
Sister of Pat Williams Seeholzer ‘64 and Margaret Williams Hommel ‘66


Rita McElroy, August 3, 2022
Mother of Beth McElroy Kirkwood ‘75

Shirley Sutter, August 10, 2022
Mother of Dana Smaitis Armagno ‘85

Dale Nye, August 12, 2022
Father-in-law of Tracy Riordan Nye ‘90; grandfather of Elizabeth Nye ‘14 and Maggie Nye ‘24

Daniel Healy, August 15, 2022
Former Board of Trustees Member

Judith Williamson Brannigan ‘77, August 27, 2022
Sister of Joyce Williamson Justus ‘76


Gabriel Hernandez, September 5, 2022
Husband of Marie Martinez Hernandez ‘99

Thomas Dombro, September 6, 2022
Father of Peg Dombro Griffiths ‘84, Laura Dombro ‘87, and Michelle Dombro ‘89; grandfather of Ellie Threloff ‘17; brother-in-law of Pat Phelan Wilson ‘62 and
Kathy Phelan Lipinski ‘70

Dorothy M. Coughlin, September 13, 2022
Mother-in-law of Kate Brett Coughlin ‘87; grandmother of Meghan Kosman ‘11, Marley Coughlin ‘15, and Sara Coughlin ‘17

Nancy Drew Sheehan ‘60, September 14, 2022

Suzanne Varkalis, September 18, 2022
Sister of Assistant Principal Sandra Smycz

Carol Daugherty Boemmel SXA ‘51, September 22, 2022

Richard Finnerty, September 25, 2022
Father of Sinead Finnerty ‘13 and Siobhan Finnerty ‘15

Jeannann Cronin, October 24, 2022
Mother of Caron Cronin Green ‘71, Nancy Cronin Johnson ‘72, Susan Cronin Real ‘77, and Amy Cronin Marciniack ‘82; sister-in-law of the late Patricia Cronin Somers Cronin SXA ‘44; aunt of Mary Ann Cronin ‘74 and the late Ellyn Rose Cronin ‘78; great-aunt of Erin Cronin ‘96

Kathleen Horvatic, October 27, 2022
Mother of Erin Harrigan Schober ‘88 and Katie Harrigan Arundel ‘91; sister of Patty Leonard Lowry ‘69, Eileen Leonard Carey ‘75 and Ginny Leonard O’Shea ‘77; grandmother of Elle Harrigan ‘12, Greta Schober ‘25 and Tess Schober ‘27

Denise Clemens, October 28, 2022
Mother of Katie Clemens McCarthy ‘05, Coleen Clemens ‘08, and
Peggy Clemens ‘12

Margaret Klingenberger, October 30, 2022
Mother-in-law of former president Mary Acker Klingenberger ‘75


Judith Klauba Benshoof ‘64, October 3, 2022
Sister of Constance Klauba ‘65 and Rose Klauba ‘65

James Roche, October 11, 2022
Husband of Ellen Napleton Roche ‘68; brother of Kathy Roche Napleton ‘68; brother-in-law of Carol Collins Napleton ‘71, Maribeth Roach Napleton ‘76, Kathy Krzyminski Napleton ‘76, and Mimi Napleton Collins ‘77

John Cranley, October 12, 2022
Father of Kate Cranley Gallagher ‘79; father-in-law of Annette Doorhy Cranley ‘87, and Molly McCarthy Cranley ‘90; grandfather of Maggie Cranley ‘17, Maureen Cranley ‘19, and Catherine Cranley ‘21

Patty Broderick Murphy ‘89, October 12, 2022
Sister of Kelly Broderick Houlihan ‘83, Kerry Broderick Six ‘85, Erin Broderick Mahoney ‘87, Susie Broderick Ashe ‘90, and Shannon Broderick Paske ‘92; aunt of Bridget Houlihan ‘12, Kerry Mahoney ‘16, and Meghan Paske ‘22

Myles Fuller, October 16, 2022
Husband of Grace Tully Fuller ‘98; brother-in-law of Elizabeth Tully ‘95

Mary Jean Small, October 23, 2022
Mother of Kelly Small Bulanda ‘86 and Nancy Small Swope ‘90


Colleen Gibson, November 2, 2022
Sister-in-law of the late Mary Gail Gibson Londos ‘67, Janice Gibson Caruso ‘73, Cynthia Gibson Soukup ‘79 and Joanne Gibson Petrie ‘75; aunt of Ami Caruso ‘94, Kara Caruso ‘96, Robin Caruso ‘99, Kimberly Caruso ‘05, and Carly Carsuo ‘10

Colleen Ryan-Ryan ‘78, November 7, 2022
Sister of Cathy Ryan ‘75; sister-in-law of Lauren Putz Ryan ‘83

Dr. Joseph Malee, November 8, 2022
Father of Sara Malee Purgatorio ‘97

Joy Hansen Kuchler SXA ‘57, November 14, 2022
Mother of Robbie Kuchler O’Shea ‘81; grandmother of Caitlin Sullivan ‘17 and Caroline Sullivan ‘24; aunt of Kelly Hansen Gilroy ‘78, Julie Hansen Burns ‘79, Mary Farrell Tracy ‘81, and Kathleen Farrell ‘82


James Collins, Jr, December 2, 2022
Brother of Carol Collins Napleton ‘71 and Julie Showalter Makowski ‘90

Mary Doody, December 10, 2022
Mother of Board of Trustees member Tim Doody; mother-in-law of Lisa Rooney Doody ‘81; grandmother of Bridget Doody ‘19 

Donna Sheridan, December 11, 2022
Sister of Sheila Sheridan Lukaszewski ‘77, Tricia Sheridan Boylan ‘81 and Sara Sheridan Whittleton ‘85; sister-in-law of Jane Madden Sheridan ‘87; aunt of Maryrose Sheridan ‘18 and Betsy Sheridan ‘19

Dennis Magee, December 13, 2022
Brother of Terry Magee Jaspers ‘70

Thomas Kenny, December 18, 2022
Husband of Maggie Gilligan Kenny ‘77; brother of Maura Kenny Thompson ‘90

Therese Veldman, December 22, 2022
Mother of Susan Veldman Finn ‘73, Diane Veldman McGreal ‘75, and Karen Veldman Withgott ‘79


Norman Santos, January 1, 2023
Husband of Marybelle Mittenthal Santos ‘81

George R. Ferrell, January 7, 2023
Brother of Hilary Ferrell ‘99 and Emily Ferrell ‘03

Charles Czaplewski, January 9, 2023
Husband of Kelly Hirtz Czaplewski ‘86

Courtenay Lawler ‘95, January 13, 2023
Daughter of Petra Fargo Lawler ‘61

Jean Marie Leslie, January 14, 2023
Mother of Joan Leslie Alvarez ‘84; mother-in-law of Marianne Rowan Leslie ‘79; grandmother of Mary Kay Mulcahy O’Connell ‘84 (in-law), Eileen O’Connell Swanner ‘90, Megan Finn Radon ‘96, Susan Finn Seydel ‘98, Molly Broderick O’Connell ‘03 (in-law), Jenna Finn Maher ‘09, Tara Leslie ‘12, Kate Alvarez ‘20, and Emmy Alvarez ‘22; great-grandmother of Katie O’Connell ‘17 and Megan O’Connell ‘27

JANUARY 2023 (cont)

Kathleen Ann Corbett, Ret. CFD., January 15, 2023
Mother of Megan Corbett Davies ‘97

Rita Jean Eaheart Gramm ‘83, January 21, 2023

Patty Grieger Martin ‘81, January 21, 2023
Sister of Mary Grieger ‘85

Arumugam M. Aruldoss, January 24, 2023
Father of Stephanie Aruldoss Hawkshaw ‘83, Patricia Aruldoss ‘88, Denise Aruldoss ‘91, and Lisa Aruldoss ‘95; grandfather of Caroline Hawkshaw ‘19

Peggy Scott Corley ‘77, January 29, 2023
Mother of Kristyn Corely Carmody ‘01 and Kathleen Corely ‘05; aunt of Nicole Corley ‘16

Bill Fitzgibbons, January 30, 2023
Brother of Katie Fitzgibbons Ramsden ‘02 and Erin Fitzgibbons Cotter ‘04


Scot Buswell, February 1, 2023
Husband of Janet Gorman Buswell ‘79; brother-in-law of Meghan Gorman Nolan ‘96

John Kozak, February 4, 2023
Father of Katie Kozak Piszczor ‘02

Carl Tarcak, February 8, 2023
Father of Beth Hauser ‘87 and Julie Tarcak McKenna ‘93; father-inlaw of Gina Slowiak Hauser ‘90; grandfather of Ava McKenna ‘22 and Natalie McKenna ‘23; uncle of Dina Lewandowski Gagliano ‘91 and Lauren Regan ‘13

Sheila Shaughnessy ‘81, February 2, 2023
Sister of the late Colleen Shaughnessy Nelson ‘84

Theresa Burns ‘75, February 18, 2023
Sister of
Jane Burns Berzins ‘72

James Finn, February 23, 2023
Father of Megan Finn Radon ‘96, Susan Finn Seydel ‘98, and Jenna Finn Maher ‘09; brother-in-law of Marianne Rowan Leslie ‘79 and Joan Leslie Alvarez ‘84; uncle of Mary Kay Mulcahy O’Connell ‘84 (in-law), Eileen O’Connell Swanner ‘90, Caroline Finn Nesheim ‘95, Molly Broderick O’Connell ‘03 (in-law), Tara Leslie ‘12, Kate Alvarez ‘20, and Emmy Alvarez ‘22; great-uncle of Katie O’Connell ‘17 and Megan O’Connell ‘27

MARCH 2023

Donald E. Greaney, March 1, 2023
Father of faculty member Teresa Geary; grandfather of Catherine Geary ‘12

Kevin Kane, March 22, 2023
Son of Julie Gieffers Kane ‘88; nephew of Nancy Gieffers Helme ‘83

APRIL 2023

Denise Graney, April 11, 2023
Mother of Maggie Graney-Dolan ‘13 and Clare Graney-Dolan ‘19

Beth Peskac Webster ‘93, April 15, 2023

Mary Mulloy ‘64, April 25, 2023
Sister of Susan Mulloy ‘67 and Pat Mulloy Doran ‘71

MAY 2023

Robert King, May 2, 2023
Former basketball coach; Uncle of Margaret King Elias ‘83, Gigi King Pappas ‘84, Beth King Furlong ‘85, Kathleen King Buck ‘87, Kristen King Prendergast ‘96, Maura King Finn ‘97, and Molly King Samansky ‘04; great-uncle to Jennifer Furlong ‘14, Paige Pappas ‘17, Lily Furlong ‘21, and Maura Finn ‘26

Kaylee Murphy ‘08, May 9, 2023
Daughter of Sheila Ormsby Murphy ‘83; niece of Eileen Ormsby Hynes ‘80; cousin of Kara Hynes ‘16

Ronald Szymanski, May 17, 2023
Father of Wendy Szymanski Howard ‘87; father-in-law of Valerie Fagan Szymanski ‘86; grandfather of Jessica Howard ‘15 and Rachael Howard ‘17

Former McAuley principal Sister Mary Brian Costello, RSM, May 23, 2023

Kurt Robert Jandacek, May 28, 2023
Husband of Linda Balchunas Jandacek ‘84; father of Caitlin Jandacek ‘16; brother-in-law of Mary Ernst Jandacek ‘70

Sister Mary Brian Costello, RSM

The Mother McAuley community is deeply saddened to share that Sister Mary Brian Costello, RSM passed away peacefully on May 22, 2023 at Mercy Circle. Sister Brian spent more than 80 years as a Sister of Mercy serving in a variety of educational ministries. In all of these settings her primary focus was preparing young women for lives as competent Christian leaders in a rapidly evolving world, making them “Future Ready.”

Sister Brian arrived at Mother McAuley in 1959 and served in many roles, including English teacher, Curriculum Director, and Principal (1970-73). She also served as the Director of the Big Shoulders Campaign for the Archdiocese of Chicago and Chief of Staff and Superintendent of Schools in the Chicago Archdiocese (1984-1991).

Sister Brian was named the Executive Director of Mother McAuley for the 1970-71 school year, and was renamed principal during 1972-73. During these years, Sister Brian sought innovative ways to integrate the liberal arts and critical analysis skills into all areas of the curriculum. As Sister Brian observed, “The Liberal Arts of learning and communication are particularly effective in developing a woman’s way of learning.” In addition to innovative content, Sister Brian recognized the possibilities of emerging technologies and opened a television studio to allow master teachers to reach into each classroom. She also introduced advanced placement classes allowing students to test out of some college level courses.

“Brian was passionate about the importance of excellent education for young women. From her early years at McAuley, she was innovative in creating a liberal arts curriculum and adopting new teaching methods that today are the norm. Her leadership was extended to the many schools in the Chicago Archdiocese as Superintendent of Schools. Her contributions were recognized locally and nationally with many honors, but she was most alive working to find ways to assist and encourage those who were most in need of opportunity.”
Sister Terry Maltby, RSM

From 1973 to 1979, Sister Brian served on the leadership team of the Sisters of Mercy, Chicago Province where she had responsibility for the Sisters’ apostolic works and planning for the future of the Sisters of Mercy education and other ministries.

In 1979, Sister Brian joined the Planning Team at the Archdiocese of Chicago School Office. Then in 1983, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin named her the first woman and non-cleric Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese with oversight responsibility for three hundred seventy-five schools. The plan also led to the creation of The Big Shoulders Fund to assist center city schools. Sister assisted Cardinal Bernardin in establishing the Fund and served on the Fund’s executive committee.

In 1987, she was awarded the first Catherine McAuley Leadership Award at the annual Celebration Gala. This award is one of Mother McAuley’s highest honors, recognizing individuals who have demonstrated a deep level of commitment, loyalty, and service to the school.

In 1989, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin named Sister Brian Chief of Staff, a position she held until his death in 1996, and for an additional year under Cardinal George. In this role, she coordinated and directed the activities of the Cardinal’s office, including his national and international activities and communications. She was also on the Cardinal’s senior administrative team.

In 1993, she was awarded the Harold W. McGraw Jr. Prize in Education for her outstanding work to support education in the city’s poorest and most vulnerable communities. Her work included establishing summer learning centers for economically disadvantaged children and developing innovative learning programs for preschoolers, including children with learning disabilities or children in need.

Sister Mary Brian formally retired in 1997, but remained active on many boards and committees.

She was inducted into the first McAuley Hall of Honor in 2013, a prestigious honor bestowed upon a member of the McAuley community whose story reinforces the belief that McAuley’s influence provides the foundation to achieve extraordinary things.

McAuley continues to honor her legacy by bestowing the prestigious Sister Brian Costello Award to a senior each year. The recipient of this scholarship has the honor of speaking to her classmates and their families at the Baccalaureate Mass.

In the summer of 2022, McAuley named the Sister Brian Costello, RSM Learning Resource Center in dedication to our former principal.

Sister Brian received her B.A. from Saint Xavier University, her M.A. from the University of Notre Dame and did post graduate work at Loyola University, Northwestern University, and the University of Massachusetts. She received Honorary Doctorates from Saint Xavier University, Felician College, Loyola University, and Holy Cross College.

Sister Brian will be forever a part of McAuley, in our hearts and in our minds. 

“McAuley is very much a part of the life of the Sisters of Mercy. I’m a Sister of Mercy; it’s my identity. Once you’re in a school, become part of it and believe in what it’s doing, you stay with it. You don’t leave.” 
Sister Brian


A variety of mass cards are available from the Mother McAuley Alumnae Office. $10 donation recommended. The selection includes:

The special intentions will be remembered at masses celebrated by the Mother McAuley High School Community. For more information or to purchase a mass card, please contact Megan Beglin,, or 773-881-6559.

“Let us take one day only in hands, at a time, merely making a resolve for tomorrow. 
Thus we may hope to get on taking short, careful steps, not great strides.”
Catherine McAuley

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