Past Inscape Issues

Inscape, our alumnae and donor magazine, is published two times a year in winter and summer, respectively. Inscape features news of school and student accomplishments, campus enhancements, alumnae updates and events and much more. Click on the cover of each issue to read.

Inscape - Summer 2021

Inscape - Fall 2020

Help us build a mighty list of medical professionals! The list provided in the first link is based on information provided by alumnae and approved for publication. If you would like to be included, please visit the second link to update your information for our files. 
Macs in Medicine
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Inscape - Spring 2020

Inscape - Fall 2019

Inscape - Winter 2018/19

Inscape - Winter 2018

Inscape - Summer 2017

Inscape - Fall 2016

Inscape - Spring 2016

Inscape - Spring 2015

Inscape - Winter 2014

Inscape - Fall 2014

Inscape - Spring 2014

Inscape - Winter 2013

Inscape - Summer 2013

Inscape - Spring 2012