Class of 2022 Legacy Students

Published in the Fall 2022 issue of Inscape

In the Class of 2022, there are 52 legacy students, meaning they have either a mother or grandmother who graduated from McAuley or Saint Xavier Academy. A full list of alumnae mothers and grandmothers in the Class of 2022 can be found below!

On May 15, 2022, we were joined by our graduating seniors and their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts for our annual legacy photos. These photos symbolize the tradition, legacy, and sisterhood of a Mother McAuley education.

Monica Alifantis   

Daughter of Carrie Peterson Alifantis ‘87

Emily Alvarez

Daughter of Joan Leslie Alvarez ‘84

Lauren Angus  

Daughter of Nancy Oldenstedt Angus ‘81

Michaela Angus  

Daughter of Tristan Karnezis Angus ‘89
Granddaughter of Melodie Johnson Glim Karnezis ‘61

(pictured above)
Sydney Banks

Daughter of Kimberly Mitchell Banks ‘86

Mattie Blair 

Daughter of Kerry Turney McManus ‘88

Paige Bonnett 

Daughter of Joan Ross Bonnett ‘92

Virginia Brennan  

Daughter of Laura Ade Brennan ‘82

(pictured above)
Mia Burns

pictured with her sister Yari Hernandez-Olson ‘11

Mary Kathleen Carey  

Daughter of Meg Nitsche Carey ‘87  
Granddaughter of Mary Beth Condon Carey ‘58

Samantha Conjar

Daughter of Catherine O’Donnell Conjar ‘88

Moira Cosme

Daughter of Julie Corley Cosme ‘92

Kathleen Curley

Daughter of Colleen Coogan Curley ‘91

Nora Deacy  

Daughter of Leanne O’Neill Deacy ‘86

Emma Devlin  

Daughter of Karen Moloney Devlin ‘94

(pictured above)
Lucia Garcia-Ortega

Daughter of Laura Ortega ‘99

(pictured above)
Isabel Gaskin 

Daughter of Kelly Walsh Gaskin ‘96
Granddaughter of Mary Kay Cronin Gaskin ‘74

(pictured above)
Ella Donovan 

Daughter of Ann Ferguson Donovan ‘94

Emily and Madeline Dumais

Daughters of Leigh Regan Dumais ‘93

Elizabeth Geraghty

Daughter of Mary Harkins Geraghty ‘89
Granddaughter of Mary Jo Arundel ‘63

(pictured above)
Maura Hanley

Daughter of Katie Carmody Hanley ‘91

Olivia Harris

Daughter of Karen Konrath Harris ‘94

(pictured above)
Sarah Heidorn

Daughter of Kristin Stringham Heidorn ‘93

Bridget Hickey   

Daughter of Jane O’Sullivan Hickey ‘89

Julia Kotas 

Daughter of Jill Capuano Kotas ‘93

(pictured above)
Grace LaMantia 

Daughter of Holly Villaseñor LaMantia ‘92
Also pictured: aunts Katie Rooney Villaseñor '04 and Monique Villaseñor '05

Shannon Maloney 

Daughter of Mary McGarry Maloney ‘89

(pictured above)
Abigail Manos 

Daughter of Ann Marie McMillan Manos '86

(pictured above)
Abigail Marshall  

Daughter of Jane Wisz Marshall ‘86

(pictured above)
Madison Martin 

Daughter of Valerie Kaput Martin ‘93

Kaleigh McDonald   

Daughter of Mary Ellen Meuris ‘88

Grace McDonough

Daughter of Joanna Finegan McDonough ‘92

Áine McIntyre

Daughter of Anne Marie McGarry McIntyre ‘87

Vivian Morrison  

Daughter of Megan O’Malley Morrison ‘93
Granddaughter of Norine O’Connor Morrison ‘64

Kiley Nelligan

Daughter of Barbara Johnson Nelligan ‘87

Maggie and Rosemarie Nolan

Daughters of Rosemarie Mixan Nolan ‘87

Lillian O'Brien

Daughter of Lola Dunn O’Brien ‘87

Julia O'Donnell 

Daughter of Susan Mikolajczak O’Donnell ‘83

Maggie Oliva 

Daughter of Katherine Tobin Oliva ‘90

(pictured above)
Shannon Parks 

Daughter of Michelle Forbes Parks ‘86
Granddaughter of Donna Munno Forbes '64 

Meghan Paske

Daughter of Shannon Broderick Paske ‘92

Grace and Mary Philip   

Daughters of Jennifer Naegele Philip ‘93

Erin Quinn   

Daughter of Geraldine Walsh Quinn ‘88

(pictured above)
Riley Rascop 

Daughter of Amy Biedermann Rascop ‘86

Nora Riordan  

Daughter of Ann Marie Kordeck Riordan '88

Mary Carol Sloyan

Daughter of Juliann Zoller Sloyan ‘88

(pictured above)
Cadence Stemen

Daughter of Joanna Stemen ‘97

Emma Turner 

Daughter of Susan Costello Turner ‘02 Granddaughter of Ellen Hart Costello ‘71

Emily Volker

Daughter of Megan Healy Volker ‘90

(pictured above)
Grace White   

Daughter of Colleen Quinlan White ‘94 Granddaughter of Jane O’Neil Quinlan ‘74

(pictured above)
Kate Worthy

Daughter of Jennifer Lombardo Worthy '90

Leah Zemgulys

Daughter of Lisa Lebold Zemgulys ‘82