Published in the Fall 2022 issue of Inscape

Macs Give Back
Why do McAuley alumnae choose to give back?

“At the most fundamental level, I choose to give to McAuley because McAuley has given me so much. As an educator in the great city of Chicago for the past 22 years, I unequivocally understand the value and power a strong education has on one’s life. McAuley offered me and thousands of other young women just that: an education that encouraged us to thrive as both individuals and as contributors to broader society. What a gift it was to be taught by the Sisters of Mercy! I credit my McAuley education for enhancing my personal and professional life--giving is how I manifest this heartfelt gratitude.”

Ellen Gergits Metz, Class of 1996, Head of Schools at Noble Network of Charter Schools

Ways to Give

A gift to Mother McAuley helps to advance our mission and prepare young women for lives of leadership and service.  There are many opportunities to support Mother McAuley  and provide the Lifetime Advantage to our Mighty Macs:

  • Unrestricted Gift to the McAuley Fund
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid
  • Event Sponsorship and Participation
  • Catherine’s Garden
  • Planned Giving

Any questions regarding giving, please contact Peggy Evans Rourke ‘76, (773) 881-6547,


Learn more about how to give back to McAuley

Why Plan?

PLANNED GIVING allows donors to have a much greater financial impact to organizations in which they believe! Despite this fact, fewer than 10 percent of Americans utilize planned giving. Yet, there is a wide range of options for potential gift givers, making it much easier to fit philanthropy into their budgets and long term plans. Planned giving offers flexibility for donors from a broad range of financial backgrounds.