Book Club Book Lists - Fall 2019

For women, a book club provides a release, and relief, from the redundancies of life that bombard them in their roles as employees, wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and more. Tara Carberry, content strategist at Book Club Hub, an online resource for connecting readers with local clubs, says, "To take an hour a month for a book club is a satisfying, enriching release that more and more people are coming to value." Even wiser is the simple observation from one of McAuley's best and brightest minds, former principal Sister Mary Brian Costello, RSM: "It's very important for women to be together and talk about things outside the ordinary."

For more than 42 years, Sister Brian, along with a dozen other women have kept the company of one another through a book club. Many of the members are alumnae of Mother McAuley, Saint Xavier Academy, Saint Xavier College, or former administrators. Others are mothers and grandmothers of McAuley alumnae. Without fail, they convene the first Monday of every month.

This past summer, the women of this infamous "McAuley book club" gathered for a luncheon, where they talked about their journey of self-discovery and fulfillment the club had provided. You can read more about them in our fall issue of Inscape (electronic version coming soon). 

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