Mercy in Action

Sisters in faith, McAuley students are stewards of Mercy. Like our foundress, Catherine McAuley, our young women live their faith through prayer, worship and service.

The young women of Mother McAuley High School have inherited a great tradition and a great challenge: to preserve the faith and make it grow, to have the courage to live by the Catholic values they believe in, and to take the initiative to be women of the 21st century -- educated women who will respond to the needs of others.

Mother McAuley’s Campus Ministry assists the young women of our community to face this challenge.  Campus Ministry is at the heart of our mission as a Catholic school and supports the spiritual development of our students. McAuley offers students a number of opportunities to follow in the footsteps of Catherine McAuley and examine their relationship with God, self and others, through discussion, reflection, service and prayer.  

“It is not sufficient enough that Christ be formed in us; he must be recognized in our conduct.”
Catherine McAuley