Music is a science as it engages acoustics and includes graph reading. It is mathematicl in regard to rhythm and the subdivisions of time into fractions. Music is a foreign language that also teachers history through a contest of artistic interpretation of events. Music is physical education as it requires coordination of the fingers, hands, artms, diaphragm, chest and back.

Program Goals

  • Encourage each student's giftedness.
  • Provide opportunities for students to share their God-given talents with the community.
  • Allow students to grow intellectually and aesthetically.
  • Enable students to think critically.
  • Teach students to communicate effectively.

After School Opportunities

  • Instrumental and Vocal private lessons
  • All-School Musical
  • Solo-Ensemble Contest
  • Christmas caroling in the community
  • Performance trips
  • All Catholic Band at DePaul University
  • IMEA District Auditions
  • MiniConcerts
  • Piano Lab experience in Music: Bach to Rock

Classes: *denotes honors level option