Mother McAuley offers a number of opportunities for you to show your financial support. Click on a named scholarship or fund listed below for a description of how your contribution benefits McAuley students. Thank you for your consideration!

Hear from some of our Scholarship Recipients

Testimonial 2

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for your support of my Mercy education and providing me with the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. My family and I greatly appreciate everything you do for McAuley, and we are incredibly thankful to receive financial assistance through this scholarship. Seeing my parents’ faces as I shared the exciting news with them was amazing. As I expressed in my essay, they have made the ultimate sacrifice by sending me and my sister to Mother McAuley, and I am so glad that this scholarship will allow me to repay them in some way."

-Father's Club Scholarship

Testimonial 3

"Thank you so much for supporting my education. This scholarship really means a lot to my family and I and we are eternally grateful. My parents work really hard to send me to McAuley and this scholarship is a big help."

-Jan Malloy Scholarship for Spirit and McAuley Community Engagement

Testimonial 4

"Choosing to attend McAuley was the best decision I have made. I have been given many opportunities to grow not only academically, but socially and spiritually. I wanted to go to a school where I would feel comfortable and welcomed, and McAuley’s atmosphere has proven to be just that. Through classes and extracurriculars, I have made good friends, and I have had teachers who want me to succeed. In learning the teachings of Catherine McAuley and the values of the Sisters of Mercy, I have grown as a person, in both my faith and education. Being a part of this community is special, and I know I will always call McAuley home. Thank you for your generosity in supporting me with this scholarship. I hope that one day I am able to provide a scholarship like this to help someone else."

-Betty Grimes Memorial Scholarship

Testimonial 5

"I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for choosing me as one of the recipients of the 2020 Marsillo Family Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is not only a personal achievement to me, but the money is also profoundly helping out my parents. As of next year, both my sister and I will be attending Mother McAuley, and my youngest sister will be a third grader at Saint John Fisher Grammar School. My parents strongly believe in Catholic education to teach my siblings and I about our faith while also being able to develop into confident young women. However, I know that a Catholic education is a  financial sacrifice on my parents' part. My mom also recently went back to school to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse, which was a financial burden on my dad. Both of my parents are my role models, and I truly look up to them for their dedication to providing my sisters and I with everything we need to be successful in the future. I am so grateful that I can help them pay for my education and show my appreciation for everything they do for me."

-Marsillo Family Scholarship

Testimonial 6

"Words cannot express the gratitude that my family and I have for your generous contribution of this scholarship in our lives. As the oldest of four children attending a Catholic school, and as my brother is preparing to attend Brother Rice next year, it is a huge relief to receive this scholarship and be able to help my family. The most significant reason that I am beyond elated to receive this scholarship is to help my parents. Seeing my parents work as much as they do to provide my siblings and me with a Catholic school education, is nothing short of inspiring. My mother’s hard work ethic and generosity were demonstrated this year by her joining of the Mother McAuley Mother’s Club, just one of the many things she fits into her busy schedule. As I wrote the essay to apply for this scholarship, my hardworking and loving mother was in my mind as I typed every word, and I am so grateful that I can share in the joy of winning this scholarship with her. On behalf of my entire family, we are beyond grateful for your support through this scholarship, providing my family with relief and the comfort of knowing that we have the support of generous people like you in our lives."

-Sheffieck Family Scholarship

Testimonial 7

"This scholarship means an incredible amount to me because I try my hardest to be involved in the school in which I love, and I could not be more appreciative to be recognized for that. Other than that, this scholarship means a great deal to my family and I. Currently, my family is in a situation where affording the tuition of two McAuley students and two college students is very hard. My family has had trouble in years past affording tuition, but currently the situation is the worst it has ever been. I could not thank you enough for considering me to be a part of honoring Jan Malloy in my time at McAuley."

-Jan Malloy Scholarship for Spirit and McAuley Community Engagement

Testimonial 1

"With my three younger siblings also attending Catholic school, tuition is not easy for my parents to pay, especially with me going to college next year. Your generosity in providing this scholarship is a weight lifted from my family, and it is allowing me to be more financially independent as I further my education."  

-Betty Grimes Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Features

Scholarship Feature: Diana L. Morrissey Eden '77 Scholarship

Back in October of 2017, Maureen Mullarkey-Miller ’77 reached out to Mother McAuley wanting to do something bigger. She wanted to keep the memory of her best friend and classmate Diana “Dee” Morrissey, alive in the halls and hearts of Mother McAuley. Here is where their forever friendship and memories were formed. Maureen proposed a class challenge gift to the class of 1977 at their 40th reunion. The support from the challenge launched the Diana L. Morrissey Eden ’77 Scholarship.

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Scholarship Feature: Moe Mac: Maureen McIntyre '87 Memorial Scholarship

The Moe Mac: Maureen McIntyre ’87 Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of “Moe Mac” as her family and friends affectionately called her. Moe Mac passed away in 2015. Her family chose to honor her by establishing this scholarship, which is awarded to a senior student. The first recipient of this $1,000 award was Maryrose Sheridan ‘18, who was chosen in the fall of 2017.

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