Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School is proud to offer more than 50 named scholarships each year thanks to the generous support of our scholarship donors.

These dollars play a vital role in making the dream of experiencing the lifetime advantage of a Mother McAuley education a reality for our students and their families. As their needs increase year after year, we remain committed to increasing our financial aid and scholarship support in partnership with donors. 

Our named scholarships have been established in honor of family members, classmates, foundations, and more, and range from a one-time $250 award to renewable half-tuition awards, and all have made an impact on our students!

If you are interested in establishing a named scholarship, please reach out to Peggy Evans Rourke ‘76 for more information at or (773) 881-6547.

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Agatha O'Brien Scholarship

The Agatha O'Brien Scholarship is awarded to the top 5% of Entrance Exam testers each year in recognition of their accomplishments.

Alex Meneses Scholarship

The Alex Meneses Scholarship was established to recognize students who need additional financial support.

Bautista Memorial Scholarship

Miguel and Elvira Bautista were Mexican immigrants who first settled in what is now known as the University Village area of Chicago. They were known for the generosity they extended to their neighbors and friends. In order to continue the lesson their parents taught them about always giving back, the family has established the Bautista Memorial Scholarship.  

Betty and Sister Therese Windham Science Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Sr. Therese Windham, a former Physics teacher at McAuley, and her sister, Mrs. Sheila Kawalko, in memory of their late sister, Betty. Students are nominated to receive the scholarship by faculty members of the Science department in recognition of their outstanding achievement in science and mathematics. 

Betty Grimes Memorial Scholarship

The Betty Grimes Memorial Scholarship was established in 2013 in loving memory of Elizabeth Conerty Grimes, a McAuley alumna from the class of 1963. The scholarship award is given to a graduating senior to be used at the college or university of her choice. Scholarship funds will be forwarded directly to the designated college or university.

Bigane Family Scholarship

As a tribute to Mrs. Jane Bigane, the Bigane Family - Anne Bigane Wilson '76, Katie Bigane Larson '78, Sheila Bigane Bauschalt '79, Meg Bigane '82, Julie Bigane Pollard '84 - created this fund to help senior students and their families who are experiencing financial difficulties.

Board of Trustees Scholarship

Recognizing the importance of a Catholic, secondary education, the Board of Trustees of Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School established a Board of Trustees Scholarship.This scholarship provides one-half of a year’s tuition and is awarded to one member of the incoming freshman class each year. Annual renewal is based on continual compliance with established criteria.

Bridget Anne Cullen Memorial Scholarship

Bridget Cullen was a beloved member of the Mother McAuley High School Class of 2013 when she died unexpectedly in January of 2013. Her sister, Kaitlyn, graduated from McAuley in 2007. As an enduring and loving tribute to Bridget, the Bridget Anne Cullen Memorial Scholarship is being established by the Cullen family to assist incoming freshman students at Mother McAuley. 

Candace (Cain '86) & Nicholas Mizaur Scholarship

Candace and Nicholas Mizaur understand that challenges can arise when families have great stress caused by unforeseen circumstances and hardship. Their generous hearts and deep compassion lead them to financially support families in need and provide light and hope during a dark time.

Catherine McAuley Service Scholarship

This scholarship was established to recognize incoming students who have gone “above and beyond” their Confirmation service hour requirement and who are making a difference in their church, school, or community.

Christie (Gallagher ‘72) and Mark Sever Scholarship

Christie and Mark Sever sent their three children through Catholic grade school, high school, college and graduate school. Mr. and Mrs. Sever both served many roles as volunteers within their parish and community. Christie (Gallagher) is a Class of 1972 graduate of Mother McAuley High School. Additionally, Christie Sever has served on the Board of Trustees of Mother McAuley. Mr. and Mrs. Sever are firm believers of hard work, scholastic application, volunteerism and the Catholic faith. This scholarship recognizes students who exhibit these qualities.

Denise Sullivan Huguelet '72 Spirit of Service Scholarship

This scholarship is in memory of Denise Sullivan Huguelet '72, a special education teacher for more than 30 years, a mother to five, grandmother to eleven, and friend to all that met her. Her son Mike shared, "We traditionally think of accomplishments as titles and awards and bank account amounts...She didn't look at accomplishments as, 'I want to obtain this position' or 'I need to get this thing to validate my skill set.' She just served. I think the accomplishments that I'm proud of her for and that she'd be most proud of are the individual student successes...Those were the accomplishments that she would be proud of. In the small moments, she could make somebody feel better and do something that they didn't think they could do."

Diana L. Morrissey Eden Scholarship

The Diana L. Morrissey Eden Scholarship was established in memory of Diana “Dee” Morrissey Eden, a member of the class of 1977. Dee cared deeply about assisting those with learning obstacles, so to truly honor her commitment to helping others, this scholarship is awarded to students who participate in the Learning Resource Program.

Dr. Patricia L. Moran Scholarship

This scholarship is in loving memory of Dr. Patricia Moran, class of 1956. As a former RSM and teacher at Mother McAuley, Pat believed passionately in service to her church and community, as well as the importance of an all-female education. In 1973, she co-created Mother McAuley Little School, a program that provides students an unparalleled learning opportunity where they master teaching skills that they immediately put into practice in the preschool classroom. This scholarship will aid a 4th year student, involved in the Little School program, who embodies Pat's spirit of service, and needs financial assistance. Pat also understood the financial strain on families sending multiple children to school. Special consideration will be given to students with siblings attending grammar schools in the area.

Eileen O'Brien Scholarship

The Eileen O’Brien Scholarship was established in 2016 in honor of Eileen O’Brien, who was instrumental in starting the swimming, diving and water polo program at Mother McAuley. Her desire to provide opportunities for her daughter and future women has impacted generations of students who have found their community in these programs. This scholarship is awarded to one member of the swimming, diving and/or water polo teams for tuition assistance.

Elizabeth Geoghegan O'Leary Memorial Scholarship

Mr. Patrick O'Leary, along with other family members, established the Elizabeth Geoghegan O'Leary Scholarship in loving memory of his late wife Elizabeth Geoghegan O'Leary, class of 1975, who succumbed to breast cancer in September 2001. The Scholarship is intended for the sole purpose of providing financial aid to a senior McAuley student with an interest in Global Health and/or Women's Health Issues as Elizabeth was a strong supporter of these concerns.

Father's Club Scholarship

The Mother McAuley Father’s Club awards this scholarship to four students to support the advancement of their education. The scholarship is intended to be used towards furthering the student’s educational goals.

Friendship Memorial Scholarship

The Friendship Memorial Scholarship was established by a group of amazing friends, in loving memory of Patricia Dalton Dart ‘82 and Barbara Cherry Marzano ‘83, best friends who battled cancer yet remained supportive, kind, and loving to all. The scholarship will provide an annual award of $1,000 for students whose families are battling cancer and entering their freshman year at Mother McAuley.

Gertrude and George Gallagher Family Scholarship

The Gertrude and George Gallagher Scholarship was established in their honor by daughter Christie Gallagher Sever '72 and her husband, Mark. Members of the Theology department nominate students for this award based on their active participation in Catholic ministry either at McAuley or their parish. 

Hank and Virginia Murphy Award

The Hank and Virginia Murphy Award was established by Ms. Francie Murphy, a Mother McAuley High School alumna from the class of 1973, in honor of her parents. This scholarship award may be utilized for any school­-related senior expense (e.g., tuition, AP testing fees, graduation fee, Kairos fee).

Haynes Family Legacy Theatre Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Patricia Haynes, retired Theatre Director of Mother McAuley High School and her daughter, Erin Haynes Fitzpatrick, Class of 1999, in loving memory of Don Haynes. This scholarship recognizes the family commitment to McAuley Theatre. 

Helen and Dick Carey Scholarship

The Helen and Dick Carey Scholarship was established by a Mother McAuley alumna and her siblings in honor of their parents. It's awarded each year to a legacy student, whose mother, grandmother(s), and/or aunt(s) graduated from McAuley Liberal Arts High School. 

Hometown Heroes Scholarship

The Hometown Heroes Scholarship was established for students in honor of their parent’s dedication to serving and protecting their community as a member of the police or fire department.

Jean Morman Unsworth Scholarship

Mother McAuley was privileged to have Jean Morman Unsworth serve as a member of the faculty for the first twelve years of the school's history. Ms. Unsworth's works of art are currently on display throughout the McAuley school building. Her many exquisite art contributions to the McAuley community include works in the Theatre lobby, the "Litany of Mary" ceramic tiles adorning the hallway walls, and the McAuley school shield. The Jean Morman Unsworth Scholarship recognizes a McAuley art student each year.

Joanne McNealy Kampton Scholarship

Joanne McNealy Kampton graduated from Mother McAuley in 1961. A woman of great faith and spirit, Joanne pursued a non-traditional path after graduating and began a career in the financial industry that led to the trading floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. The family of Joanne McNealy Kampton offers a scholarship to a young woman who demonstrates effort, curiosity, and faith both in and out of the classroom.

John L. Keeley, Jr. Scholarship

This scholarship is made possible by a generous donation from the Keeley Family Foundation, to acknowledge a student who gives back to her community and has completed the Personal Finance class at Mother McAuley. 

John V. and Mary Anne Robinson Scholarship

The John V. and Mary Anne Robinson Scholarship was established by McAuley alum Ms. Frances Robinson, in memory of her parents, who sent four daughters through McAuley. 

Katherine Patrick O'Toole Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Mrs. Barbara Patrick O’Toole, a Saint Xavier Academy alumna from the class of 1955, in honor of her parents. A staunch supporter of women’s education, Barbara passed away in September 2013, and this scholarship is continued through the generosity of her family.

Kaylee Murphy '08 Performing Arts Scholarship

The Kaylee Murphy Performing Arts Scholarship was created in loving memory of Kaylee Murphy, Class of 2008. Kaylee was a dedicated performing arts student who was an active participant in A Cappella as well as many theatrical productions. Kaylee was a proud McAuley girl who will always be remembered as a talented performer and leader who impacted every person she met during her time there. This scholarship is awarded to one sophomore, junior, or senior student in theatre or a specialty choir for tuition assistance.

Leonard Wehrmeister Mathematics Scholarship

This scholarship was established as a tribute to Len Wehrmeister, a beloved Math teacher at Mother McAuley who passed away in April 2012. His decade-long tenure demonstrated a commitment to his students and a true love for the teaching of mathematics.

Lombard Family Scholarship

Established by Mr. George Lombard and family to support students at Mother McAuley, this scholarship provides four incoming freshmen with awards based upon their excellent academic records and strong potential to be successful students at Mother McAuley.

Magee Family Scholarship

The Magee Family Scholarship was established by Terry Magee Jaspers '70 and Greg Jaspers to recognize a deserving student who is a current 8th grader at St. Christina School, a member of St. Christina Parish and/or a resident of Merrionette Park.

Maggie Guilfoyle Cheerleader Award

Maggie Guilfoyle was a member of the Class of 2007 who died tragically during her junior year at Mother McAuley High School. Maggie's family has funded a scholarship in her honor. Maggie had been a cheerleader at St. Rita High School. Her family's wish is to keep her memory alive by recognizing a student who is a cheerleader each year.

Maggie Guilfoyle Memorial Scholarship

Maggie Guilfoyle was a member of the Class of 2007. She died tragically on March 11, 2006 during her junior year at Mother McAuley High School. In her memory, the Class of 2007, spearheaded by the National Honor Society, has funded a permanently endowed scholarship. Maggie's spirit touched so many people in such a special way; this scholarship will help that spirit to live on.

Margaret M. Haran Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Jennings, along with their daughters, established the Margaret M. Haran Scholarship in loving memory of their aunt Margaret “Marg” Haran. The Scholarship is intended for the sole purpose of encouraging students who struggle academically. Marg loved to read; she was a reading specialist who believed that every child is gifted and that reading was the key to discovering those gifts.

Marie C. Bromark Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was founded in honor of Marie C. Bromark, and awarded to a student in her freshman year. It then follows the recipient through graduation.

Marsillo Family Memorial Scholarship

The Lazzara Family Foundation has established this scholarship in honor of their grandparents. This scholarship supports students who are members of the Catherine McAuley Honors Scholars program in recognition of their record of academic achievement and extracurricular involvement in the McAuley community. 

Mary Clare Lynch Memorial Scholarship

The Mary Clare Lynch Memorial Scholarship was established in 2014 in loving memory of Mary Clare, a McAuley alumna from the class of 1982 and a former faculty member. This memorial scholarship will allow Mary Clare’s impact to continue for our young women by providing financial assistance and the opportunity to experience McAuley. Her family and friends are proud to honor Mary Clare’s memory and support women at McAuley through this scholarship.

Mary Kean Coffey "Pay It Forward" Scholarship

This scholarship was established by an anonymous donor in honor of an alumna of Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School who has dedicated her life to education, to giving back to society, and to “Paying it Forward.” The award amount will be set at 50% of the annual tuition. The scholarship will be renewable for up to four years, provided the recipient remains in good standing both academically and behaviorally.

Mary Wurst Scholarship

The Mary Wurst Scholarship is named in honor of a wonderful woman who worked hard and was committed to her family and Catholic faith.  This scholarship is a renewable award equaling one-half tuition. The recipient of this scholarship is recognized for her dedication to Catholic education and strong potential.

Maureen Breen Putnam '65 Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the friends and classmates of Maureen Breen Putnam '65 in honor of her loving, magnanimous, and unique spirit. A garden at Mother McAuley was dedicated in her honor on November 2, 2013, as well. 

Moe Mac: Maureen McIntyre '87 Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship honors Maureen McIntyre ‘87, affectionately known as Moe Mac, and her love for Mother McAuley and life. In March 2015, Maureen passed away after a courageous fight with cancer. Her family and friends miss her spirit, laughter, and energy, but are inspired to Live Like Moe Mac (#LLMM), and created this scholarship in her memory. This scholarship is given to a current senior who demonstrates the Mighty Mac spirit and is actively involved in the Mother McAuley community.

Monica Dunne Fudacz '75 Memorial Scholarship

Monica Dunne Fudacz was a beloved member of the McAuley class of 1975, as well as a mother, wife, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend to many. This scholarship was established in her memory, and is annually awarded to a student from Beverly, Evergreen Park, Morgan Park or Mt. Greenwood who shows the same qualities Monica possessed: a hard work ethic, an interest in Science, strong family values, creativity and wonder, a generous spirit, compassion, the ability to listen, curiosity, devotion to community, a sense of citizenship, love of nature, and sense of fun! 

Sheffieck Family Scholarship

The Sheffieck Family Scholarship was established to support first year students at Mother McAuley.

Sister Brian Costello, RSM Scholarship

This scholarship is named in honor of Sister Mary Brian Costello, RSM, former English teacher, curriculum director, and principal of Mother McAuley High School. The recipient of this scholarship has the honor of speaking to her classmates and their families at the Baccalaureate Mass.

Sister Corinne Raven Service Scholarship

This scholarship is facilitated by the Mother's Club and is named for Sister Corinne Raven, a Sister of Mercy, who served as McAuley principal from 1987-1997 and as a curriculum director from 1978-1987, while also teaching an English class. The focus of this scholarship is service in the tradition of Catherine McAuley, the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy. The recipients of this scholarship are individuals who make the world a better place in which to live.

Sister Ellen Marie Ryan, RSM Music Scholarship

This fund was initiated in 2012 by music alumnae to establish the Sister Ellen Marie Ryan, RSM Music Scholarship in honor of her many dedicated years of service to Mother McAuley.

Sister Lois Bromark Scholarship

The Sister Lois Bromark Scholarship was established in 2019 in honor of Sr. Lois Bromarks, SSJ, ROSF, who retired after 16 years of service to the school after the 2018-2019 school year. Sister Lois joined McAuley in 2003 as the vice principal. In that time, she assisted four principals, always with the goal to determine how to best assist each individual in the style and needs presented to her. Furthermore, she mentored dozens of new and veteran teachers, formed strong bonds with individual students, and improved a variety of educational an extracurricular programs at McAuley. 

Sister Maura Mighty Mac Spirit Scholarship

Sr. Maura Lowrey, RSM is the biggest fan of Mighty Mac athletics! Since 1998, Sr. Maura has been in the crowd cheering on the Mighty Macs in volleyball, basketball, water polo and softball—not to mention at pep rallies and assemblies. Her cheers, advice, and prayers have been an inspiration to Mighty Mac athletes for decades. This scholarship was established in her honor, and is awarded to a student who shows the same amount of spirit and dedication to supporting McAuley teams.

Stephen and Winifred (Gardner '59) Ligda Scholarship for Service

Stephen and Winnie (Gardner ‘59) Ligda have been dedicated supporters and volunteers for Mother McAuley. Steve, who passed away in 2017, was a former Chair and Life Trustee of the Board of Trustees. This scholarship was established in Steve’s memory honoring his commitment to his Catholic faith through service to his parish of Most Holy Redeemer, Mother McAuley and the community, and awarded to students who are graduates of Most Holy Redeemer School.

St. Therese, the Little Flower Scholarship

The St. Therese, the Little Flower Scholarship was established by the family of McAuley alumnae in order to support students in their pursuit of a Mother McAuley High School education, and for those who exhibit the "Little Way" of St. Therese, which teaches us to do the ordinary things of life with extraordinary love.

Susan Morrissey Memorial Award for Service

Susan Morrissey was a 1986 graduate of Mother McAuley. Susan’s commitment to live out her Christian life led her to take a leadership role as an officer in McAuley’s premier service group, Action/Reaction.  In 1997, Susan died suddenly as a result of a car accident. Susan’s family has established The Susan Morrissey Memorial Award for Service in Susan’s memory to encourage young women to step outside of themselves and make a difference by serving the needs of their school, church, and community.

Tradition of Excellence Scholarship

The Tradition of Excellence Scholarship was started by Mother McAuley alumnae to assist legacy students – young women whose mother, grandmother(s), and/or aunt(s) graduated from McAuley Liberal Arts High School or whose grandmother(s) and/or great-grandmother(s) graduated from McAuley’s predecessor, St. Xavier Academy.

McAuley partners with the following organizations to provide scholarships to our students!

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Big Shoulders Fund

Inspired by Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, Big Shoulders Fund was founded by a group of business and civic leaders in 1986 to provide support to Catholic schools in the neediest areas of inner-city Chicago. For more than twenty-eight years, Big Shoulders Fund has helped Chicago’s children in need achieve their dreams through access to a quality, values-based education. 

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Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund

The mission of the Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund is to give high school scholarship assistance and educational support to Chicago students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. DMSF seeks to make a life-altering difference in the lives of its Scholars by providing them with the best opportunity to succeed in high school and college.

Learn more

Daniel P. Haerther Scholarship

The Daniel P. Haerther Charitable Trust has generously funded a scholarship program for twelve scholars (three per level). In addition to receiving a financial award, scholars participate in events facilitated by the scholarship trustees each year, including monthly meetings, a cultural field trip, service project, college visits, an ACT class, and other activities that will help them learn about and determine their college and career plans.

HFS Chicago Scholars

HFS provides high school scholarships and mentoring to economically disadvantaged, at-risk Chicago inner-city students who show academic leadership and promise. Application deadline is November each year. For application details, call 312-421-4070 or visit their website.

Learn more

HighSight Scholars

HighSight's mission is to provide academic and social support to Chicago high school students. HighSight provides scholarships, tutoring, mentoring, leadership development and college readiness programs to enable its students to attend and succeed at the private high school of their choice.

Learn more

Irish Fellowship Educational and Cultural Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is made possible by a donation from the Irish Fellowship Educational and Cultural Foundation. The scholarship is open to students who have at least two grandparents or great-grandparents from the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.

LINK Unlimited

Since 1966, LINK unlimited Scholars has been Chicago’s highest-performing and most experienced African American high school mentoring and scholarship program, bringing together the comprehensive resources required to shape motivated African American youth from underserved neighborhoods into academic achievers and life-long community leaders. 

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Madonna Foundation

The Madonna Foundation, established in 2001 by the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago, is a charitable entity that increases access for young women to attend Catholic high schools in the Chicago area. The Foundation annually awards tuition grants to about 60 girls who demonstrate financial need and the potential for academic achievement. 

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Hear from some of our Scholarship Recipients

Testimonial 2

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for your support of my Mercy education and providing me with the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. My family and I greatly appreciate everything you do for McAuley, and we are incredibly thankful to receive financial assistance through this scholarship. Seeing my parents’ faces as I shared the exciting news with them was amazing. As I expressed in my essay, they have made the ultimate sacrifice by sending me and my sister to Mother McAuley, and I am so glad that this scholarship will allow me to repay them in some way."

-Father's Club Scholarship

Testimonial 3

"Thank you so much for supporting my education. This scholarship really means a lot to my family and I and we are eternally grateful. My parents work really hard to send me to McAuley and this scholarship is a big help."

-Jan Malloy Scholarship for Spirit and McAuley Community Engagement

Testimonial 4

"Choosing to attend McAuley was the best decision I have made. I have been given many opportunities to grow not only academically, but socially and spiritually. I wanted to go to a school where I would feel comfortable and welcomed, and McAuley’s atmosphere has proven to be just that. Through classes and extracurriculars, I have made good friends, and I have had teachers who want me to succeed. In learning the teachings of Catherine McAuley and the values of the Sisters of Mercy, I have grown as a person, in both my faith and education. Being a part of this community is special, and I know I will always call McAuley home. Thank you for your generosity in supporting me with this scholarship. I hope that one day I am able to provide a scholarship like this to help someone else."

-Betty Grimes Memorial Scholarship

Testimonial 5

"I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for choosing me as one of the recipients of the 2020 Marsillo Family Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is not only a personal achievement to me, but the money is also profoundly helping out my parents. As of next year, both my sister and I will be attending Mother McAuley, and my youngest sister will be a third grader at Saint John Fisher Grammar School. My parents strongly believe in Catholic education to teach my siblings and I about our faith while also being able to develop into confident young women. However, I know that a Catholic education is a  financial sacrifice on my parents' part. My mom also recently went back to school to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse, which was a financial burden on my dad. Both of my parents are my role models, and I truly look up to them for their dedication to providing my sisters and I with everything we need to be successful in the future. I am so grateful that I can help them pay for my education and show my appreciation for everything they do for me."

-Marsillo Family Scholarship

Testimonial 6

"Words cannot express the gratitude that my family and I have for your generous contribution of this scholarship in our lives. As the oldest of four children attending a Catholic school, and as my brother is preparing to attend Brother Rice next year, it is a huge relief to receive this scholarship and be able to help my family. The most significant reason that I am beyond elated to receive this scholarship is to help my parents. Seeing my parents work as much as they do to provide my siblings and me with a Catholic school education, is nothing short of inspiring. My mother’s hard work ethic and generosity were demonstrated this year by her joining of the Mother McAuley Mother’s Club, just one of the many things she fits into her busy schedule. As I wrote the essay to apply for this scholarship, my hardworking and loving mother was in my mind as I typed every word, and I am so grateful that I can share in the joy of winning this scholarship with her. On behalf of my entire family, we are beyond grateful for your support through this scholarship, providing my family with relief and the comfort of knowing that we have the support of generous people like you in our lives."

-Sheffieck Family Scholarship

Testimonial 7

"This scholarship means an incredible amount to me because I try my hardest to be involved in the school in which I love, and I could not be more appreciative to be recognized for that. Other than that, this scholarship means a great deal to my family and I. Currently, my family is in a situation where affording the tuition of two McAuley students and two college students is very hard. My family has had trouble in years past affording tuition, but currently the situation is the worst it has ever been. I could not thank you enough for considering me to be a part of honoring Jan Malloy in my time at McAuley."

-Jan Malloy Scholarship for Spirit and McAuley Community Engagement

Testimonial 1

"With my three younger siblings also attending Catholic school, tuition is not easy for my parents to pay, especially with me going to college next year. Your generosity in providing this scholarship is a weight lifted from my family, and it is allowing me to be more financially independent as I further my education."  

-Betty Grimes Memorial Scholarship