McAuley Fund

Every day, we cross the threshold of countless doors.  Doors to our home; doors to shops; doors to offices. Behind each door is a new adventure, a new path to pursue. For more than 176 years, Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School, and Saint Xavier Academy, its predecessor, has been preparing young women to open doors as intelligent, compassionate and merciful agents of impact.

Your support is key to helping students enter doors full of opportunities that stretch their minds and imagination, so they may develop confidence and new abilities. 

To uphold the mission of Mother McAuley we rely on the generosity of our donors. Alumnae, parents and friends, like you, can impact the lives of students with a gift to the McAuley Fund. Each gift helps enrich our programs, including academics, arts, technology, athletics, campus ministry, financial aid and scholarship. Your gift makes an immediate difference in the day-to-day life of students.

Thank you for continuing to support our work which is driven by the mission and vision of Catherine McAuley. Please consider a gift that will send a message of support to families and young women who choose Mother McAuley for an education that truly provides a lifetime advantage and prepares our young women for a world of full of possibility. Together we can ensure that the tradition of a Mother McAuley education remains strong.

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