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Dress Code


Our school uniform helps to identify the student as a member of the Mother McAuley community. All uniform clothing must be purchased from Schoolbelles Uniforms

The uniform consists of the knit McAuley embroidered polo, sweater or fleece top, designated level skirt or kilt and the school ID worn on a McAuley lanyard. The lanyard may only be worn around the neck and the student’s school ID must be visible at all times while in the school building during the school day. No article of clothing may be tied around the waist or thrown over the shoulders. Skirts and kilts must be worn at the waist, fully buttoned and zipped and must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. Any clothing other than the Schoolbelles uniform is considered non-uniform clothing and may not be worn or carried during the school day.

Shoe Policy

Following are the approved shoes for the 2018-2019 school year. All can be purchased online at the sites provided, in addition to these local retail partners:

  • Golden Shoes at 12212 Harlem Ave, Palos Heights, IL 60463, (708) 448-3580
  • Big 'n Little at 3142 W 111th St, Chicago, IL 60655, (773) 239-6066
  • Baron's Shoes at 3101 W 111th St, Chicago, IL 60655, (773) 238-6100
  • Martinelli's at 3517 95th St, Evergreen Park, IL 60805, (708) 425-6287

Doc Marten Mary Jane
Style #8065 in Black

  • Available at www.docmarten.com and other various websites.
  • Also available at Big 'n Little Shoes and Golden Shoes

Eastland Falmouth Camp Moc
Item #3365 in Waxy Tan, Brown Leather or Bomber Brown

  • Available at www.eastlandshoe.com and other various websites.
  • Also available at Big 'n Little Shoes, Golden Shoes and Barron's

BOC Merry
Style #C95823 in chocolate oiled  

  • Available at www.bocshoes.com and other various websites.
  • Also available at Big 'n Little Shoes and Golden Shoes
Style #17361 in black
  • Available at www.skechers.com and other various websites.
  • Also available at Big 'n Little Shoes and Golden Shoes

Shoes and socks or tights must be worn at all times with the uniform. Socks should be solid white or black and worn above the ankle. Tights may be worn and their color should be solid white or black only.  

Important Notes

Extreme hairstyles, hair colors, makeup and excessive and inappropriate body ornaments (i.e., chains, metal-spiked jewelry, hemp necklaces, etc.) are forbidden in school. Hats, caps, head scarves, bandannas, hair rollers, hair wraps or sweatbands or any other head coverings may never be worn in the building at any time. This includes non-uniform days.

Any other apparel, accessories and body decorations (i.e. tattoos, tongue piercing, brow piercing, nose piercing, body piercing, etc.) which are worn are considered a violation of the uniform policy. Band-Aids or other coverings may not be worn over piercings. Any student coming to school with visible body piercing, other than small earrings worn in the ears, will be asked to remove the jewelry and jewelry will be confiscated by a dean. Any student with a visible tattoo will be required to cover it during the school day and at school functions. Failure to follow this policy will result in suspension and the student will not be permitted to return to school until the object is removed.

Of special concern: A student having an extreme hair color is considered to be in violation of the uniform policy. The administration of the school reserves the right to define “extreme hair colors.” Generally this would include hair dyed an unnatural color completely or in streaks or in patches that draw one’s attention. Failure to abide by this policy will result in suspension from school until the dean receives written verification that natural hair color restoration will begin immediately. Payment for costs incurred for the restoration will be the responsibility of the student.

Students needing to change out of their uniform for any reason, at any time, should do so in the locker room or women’s washroom. At all times, the Administration reserves the privilege of regulating against unbecoming fashions or fads and determining what is appropriate school dress.

Uniforms must be worn during the school day in all areas of the school including the dining hall, detention and jug. A student who is out of uniform will be issued an after-school detention by the faculty/staff member and other disciplinary action may be warranted. 

On non-uniform days, students are expected to be in appropriate attire. Attire must cover from the shoulders to mid-thigh.

To and from School: Students are to be appropriately dressed when coming to school and when leaving.

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