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The Theatre Program creates opportunities for the student to develop her communication and interpretive skills as actor, speaker and technician, and to demonstrate her artistic and personal growth through performance of these skills. Individuals may develop their skills while assuming responsibility and commitment to the larger community.

Program Goals

  • To develop public speaking skills.
  • To apply critical thinking skills through analysis of the theatre and performance.
  • To enhance awareness of the student's world and her relationship to it through its in-depth character study.
  • To develop self-confidence and poise.
  • To create an environment of community in which all students feel responsible to the group as a whole.


  • All-Show Musical
  • Spring Play
  • Children's Theatre Festival
  • Not-So-Haunted House
  • One Act Play Festival
  • Mercy Day Performance


*denotes honors level option

Acting I

Acting I is a course of study of the elementary principles of acting techniques, including voice control, character development, stage movement, pantomime and improvisation. Presentation of children’s shows at the end of each quarter is included. This course is a prerequisite for Acting II.

Acting II

This class is for those students who have a background in theatre and performance. This class goes beyond the basic stage techniques, which students have already mastered, and challenges performance skills with more difficult scene work. Students present a dramatic performance at the end of the semester. Outside rehearsal is required. Prerequisite of Acting I is required.

Theatre Seminar I*

This course is designed for students with a serious interest in theatre. Students study acting technique based on the Stanislavski system and apply the work to a full-length play and a one act performance. All students will have a role on or off stage in the Spring play. Students are given opportunities to hone their skills through practical application and to learn about other areas of theatre production. In addition, students gain valuable knowledge of the literature of theatre and acting theory. Outside rehearsal and performance are required. Prerequisite of Acting II is required.

Honors Level

Honors credit available with additional requirements and permission of theatre instructor

Theatre Seminar II*

This is the advanced course for senior students. Students in this class experiment with other styles of acting, advanced acting work and scene and play analysis work and synthesize the four years of theatre study by directing a one act play performed at the One Act Play Festival in the spring. All students will have a role on or off the stage in the Spring play. Outside rehearsal and performance are required. Students continue to develop their knowledge of the literature of the theatre through play reading and viewing and analysis. Opportunities are available for students to develop their skills in theatre production and to take leadership in those areas. Prerequisite of Theatre Seminar I is required.

Honors Level

Honors credit with additional requirements and theatre instructor permission is available.

Introduction to Theatre

This class is a survey of the art of Theatre, touching on a variety of aspects of the theatrical process. Emphasis is placed on understanding a variety of aspects of the art, including acting, directing, audience appreciation, history and theatre production. This is not a performance class. No outside rehearsal time is required. Recommended for all levels.

Play Production

This is a non-acting class which has special interest for students considering Theatre or Radio/TV as a field of concentration. It includes a survey of methods of play production and is divided among theories of stage lighting, sound and make-up and the acquisition of skills in these areas. Stage management, house management and promoting theatre are surveyed. Completion of this class qualifies students for membership on the McAuley Tech Crew. Production work outside of class required.

Children's Theatre

This course explores puppetry and creative dramatics for children and performing for the child audience. Students produce a play for the children. This class is recommended for students interested in theatre, pre-school and primary education. No previous theatre experience is needed, and limited outside rehearsal is required. Students participate in the “Not So Haunted House.”

Public Speaking

This course is designed to prepare young women to meet any and all speaking situations with confidence. Students are introduced to a variety of speaking styles and techniques, and each mode is practiced and performed. Special emphasis is given to the use of persuasion as students become skilled in speech presentation, interview, discussion techniques, debate and parliamentary procedure.

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