Scholarship Opportunities

Applications for fall 2019 scholarships are due on Friday, October 18, 2019. All fall scholarships are listed below. Applications will be submitted electronically this year. Please click "Read More" to see more information and fill out the online form for each scholarship for which you'd like to apply. Feel free to filter by grade, student interests, or course requirements. 


Notes Before Applying

Scholarship Essays 

  • Each scholarship has its own essay prompt, which can be found when hitting "Read More" on the scholarship descriptions below. Please follow these directions closely.
  • All essays must be completed before submitting the application form.
  • All essays must be saved as a Word document or PDF. Please save using this format: "SCHOLARSHIP NAME - DATE OF APPLICATION." Please do not put your name or any identifying information on your essay sheet. Example of document name: "Bautista Memorial Scholarship - 10-7-19"
  • Please attach your essay when completing the online application(s).
  • Essays will be scored using this rubric.

Supporting Document

In addition, you will need to print a supporting document which needs to be signed by a parent/guardian, level dean and, if required, any additional teachers and/or club moderators indicated. Please note:

  • Your level dean and parent/guardian only need to sign one document, even if you're applying for more than one scholarship. On this sheet, please just be sure to check the box next to all scholarships for which you're applying before getting the signature of your dean. 
  • Six scholarships require the signature of a teacher and/or club moderator in addition to your level dean and parent/guardian. If you are applying for one or more of these scholarships, you still only need to complete this document once and obtain all signatures on page 2.
  • After obtaining all required signatures, please either scan the pages or take a photo of both sides.
  • Attach this document when completing the online application(s). If you are applying for more than one scholarship, please attach this document to each application.

Download Supporting Document

Fall 2019 Scholarship Opportunities

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This scholarship recognizes the family commitment to McAuley Theatre. The award is a non-renewable $1,000 tuition scholarship. The recipient must be a theatre student who is in good standing both academically and behaviorally, and has a legacy in McAuley and/or 99th Street Summer Theatre directed by Mrs. Haynes or on a crew with Mr. Haynes or Erin through a grandparent, mother, father, sister or brother.

  • Course Requirement: Theatre
  • Fall 2019
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Sophomore
Read More about Haynes Family Legacy Theatre Scholarship

This scholarship is made possible by a donation from the Irish Fellowship Educational and Cultural Foundation. Five (5) $1,000 tuition scholarships will be awarded. The scholarship is open to freshmen and sophomore students who have at least two grandparents or great-grandparents from the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.

  • Fall 2019
  • Freshman
  • Irish Descent
  • Sophomore
Read More about Irish Fellowship Educational and Cultural Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is made possible by a generous donation from the Keeley Family Foundation, to acknowledge a student who gives back to her community and has completed the Personal Finance class at Mother McAuley. Two (2) $1,000 tuition scholarships will be awarded.

  • Course Requirement: Personal Finance
  • Fall 2019
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Student Interest: Service
Read More about John L. Keeley, Jr. Scholarship


Please contact Maura Vaughan at or 773-881-6565.