Senior Exams

With the end of the second semester quickly approaching, we want to reiterate the Senior Exam Exemption and Perfect Attendance policies with you in order to clarify any questions.

Senior Exam Exemption:
Senior exams will be held Monday (5/13)- Wednesday (5/15). Senior students may be exempt from taking their final exams if they meet the following qualifications:

1). Students must have an “A” average for both third and fourth quarter.

2). Students are absent no more than four total days of second semester. Any student who arrives to school after 10:30 am or leaves before 12:30 pm will be charged with a half day.

***If you happen to have an extenuating circumstance that would cause you to miss more than four days of school for second semester, you will able to apply to the Attendance Review Board for exemption of additional absences. An extenuating circumstance would include: an emergency situation regarding an immediate family member, college scholarship interview,  surgery and/or major illness. Official documentation (i.e. official interview information from the university, doctor’s note, hospital verification of surgery, etc.) would also need to be included.

The Attendance Review Board, which consists of three teaching faculty members, will then review each application and will vote to determine the final decision regarding exam exemption for that specific student.

Any student who is absent more than four days runs the risk of possibly not qualifying for exam exemption. All Attendance Review Board decisions are final.

Any student who is submitting an application to the Attendance Review Board must turn in their completed application along with their official documentation by 3:00 on Tuesday, April 9 to Mrs. Gardner. No late applications will be accepted. Click below to access the application.

Perfect Attendance: Any senior student who has had perfect attendance for all four years of high school should email Mrs. Gardner by Friday, March 29.

Please feel free to email Mrs. Gardner at with any questions.

Excused Absence Application